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PP fume hood

Oct 09, 2018

There are many models of fume hoods. So today, Wallace bloggers want to talk to you about our BOKA brand PP fume hoods.

PP material fume hood has the characteristics of strong acid resistance, strong alkali and corrosion resistance, which overcomes the defects of traditional fume hood which are easy to rust, yellow and crack under high temperature and concentrated acid environment. Suitable for highly clean laboratories such as pharmaceutical laboratories, food laboratories, semiconductor laboratories, trace metal laboratories, biological laboratories, etc., widely used in chemical, medical, automotive, steel, university and scientific research institutions.

PP fume hood.jpg

1. Upper cabinet: The main frame is made of 8mm thick high-quality pure PP (polypropylene) board. It is welded by homogenous welding rod of the same color. It has excellent acid and alkali resistance and excellent weather resistance. The top is designed with a top cover pumping, and the deflector is made of homogenous PP material with excellent acid and alkali resistance. The installation dimensions are scientific and reasonable, and there is no airflow dead angle for maximum exhaust gas capture performance.

2. Operation table: The ventilation countertop adopts the overall welding design with the upper cabinet. The person operation surface is not equipped with water and overflow prevention. The countertop can also be equipped with other material countertops according to customer requirements. The upper sink is configured according to user requirements.

3, the lower cabinet: storage cabinet body, using 8mm acid and alkali resistant PP material, through the bending process to make the column to form a "square tube structure" and "T" type structure, can obtain a good load bearing capacity.

4, moving door: no segment design, feel light.

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