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Pressure difference in each room of the PCR laboratory

Dec 14, 2018

Those who know something about the laboratory believe that everyone knows that the most important thing in the PCR laboratory is the control of the airflow pressure difference in each room. In particular, the airflow in the amplification and product areas cannot be collided with each other, so as to avoid cross-contamination and detection and extraction. Data overlap failure, etc. (For the cleanliness of the room, the standard of the clean room and the standard of 100,000 can be located); therefore, according to the direction of the PCR process, reagent preparation, standard preparation, amplification zone, product analysis zone. The relative pressure difference should also range from reagent preparation to product analysis from high to low. However, in the actual use of the adjustment process, we will encounter the buffer pressure is difficult to adjust to the set value, if the amplification and product buffer -5 ~ -10Pa, there will be a problem of imbalance of pressure difference during the commissioning process, For example, the clean corridor flows into the buffer in the buffer direction, which is a small negative pressure chamber. When the buffer is passively flown into the negative pressure inner chamber, the strain is positive pressure, so that the buffer air is larger than the air supply volume, that is, the air supply is set to the closed state. The set value of the negative pressure, so it is not feasible to turn off the air supply to maintain the negative pressure state.

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In fact, as long as we understand the key performance of PCR, we can take another way to control the rationality of airflow. For example, the PCR buffer is understood as the second valve chamber (the indoor and buffer rooms are two isolation barriers, and the clean corridor is the first. Layer barrier), so setting the buffer to a relative or absolute positive pressure value is necessary and consistent with the standard of use.

For the sterile negative pressure clean room, we often encounter the problem that the dust particles are not up to standard. After many on-site inspections and years of testing technology experience, I can get the following two problems: dust particle problem, room negative pressure setting The higher the setting, the higher the difficulty of cleaning. The higher the process requirements for our construction, the lower the atmospheric pressure of the vacuum cleaner is lower than the outdoor air pressure. The clean room is designed to have a higher negative pressure. Relative to the outdoor atmospheric pressure value will be greater, if the construction process is not in place, it will lead to the wall joint of the negative pressure clean room, the power line hole of the lighting fixture, the gap of the ceiling of the ceiling plate, the strong and weak of the wall opening. The socket, that is, the socket hole, etc., is a path in which the outdoor non-treated air pressure enters the negative pressure clean room, thereby causing the dust particles in the negative pressure clean room to exceed the standard.

The cleanliness level of the negative pressure clean room and the cleanliness level of the buffer room should be the same or higher. The clean level of the clean room between the buffer and the negative pressure will be the same, and the clean gas will be the same. Guaranteed.