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Public Security Bureau / Judicial Identification Center laboratory planning related knowledge science

Sep 29, 2019

    Toxic inspection is one of the most extensive and technically demanding professions in the field of forensic identification. Poison testing design has a wide variety of poisons, drugs, and drugs, and hundreds of them are common. Toxic tests use qualitative or quantitative analysis of toxic substances and illegal drug drugs using physical or chemical analysis methods.

    Electronic Evidence Laboratory of Judicial Appraisal Center of Public Security Bureau/Procuratorate. Electronic data recovery and analysis is an emerging category of current scientific and technological inspections. It is not only a new type of identification, but also an important means and key development direction for the investigation of self-investigation cases. The Electronic Evidence Laboratory of the Judicial Appraisal Center is constructed in accordance with the standards of the national appraisal center. The main functions of the laboratory involve mobile phone forensics, data recovery, identification analysis, password cracking and network forensics, etc., which are characterized by high, precise and sharp features.