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Routine laboratory and research studio

Nov 03, 2018

The modern laboratory is not a simple one or two laboratory furniture. It is a simple laboratory, but a system engineering, an overall laboratory planning space layout, and its experimental area must meet certain space standards. The following is a reference to the laboratory construction special book "Guangdong laboratory renovation engineering design planning guide"


Guangdong laboratory renovation project:

   The laboratory decoration is mainly divided into general laboratory decoration and purification laboratory decoration. The purification laboratory decoration is divided into four grades according to the degree of cleanliness, which are four grades of P1, P2, P3 and P4. P4 is a level of clean performance and high safety performance. There are usually two kinds of materials for purification and decoration, namely rock wool color steel plate and glass magnesium color steel plate. The cost of glass magnesium color steel plate is relatively high, but it is relatively high-end in terms of fire performance and appearance; customers can be based on actual conditions. Use materials.

lab furniture 9.27-1

1. In the construction of color steel plate partition wall, we strictly follow the following technical requirements:

 (1) Height and noise requirements: the laboratory ceiling and the ground height are 3 meters, the noise in the laboratory is ≤60dB, the relative humidity is 40%~60%, the temperature is 22°C±3°C (or 18°C~25°C, summer is not Exceeding the upper limit, the winter is not lower than the lower limit).

(2) Color steel plate wall and ceiling: The partition wall in the laboratory uses high-quality double-sided composite sandwich to purify the color steel plate, and the partition wall of the glass window partition wall must reach heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-corrosion, fire prevention, easy cleaning and disinfection. The total thickness of the color steel plate is 50mm, the thickness of the steel plates on both sides shall not be less than 0.6mm, and the inorganic magnesium gel material shall be filled (the polystyrene plastic foam material or EPS material shall not be used). The fire rating is Class A. The intersection of the color steel plate wall surface and the ground and the color steel plate wall surface is treated by an epoxy resin sprayed aluminum alloy arc with a radius of not less than 30 mm. Color steel plate joints should be sealed. Sealant requires imported medical sealant and must not produce volatile toxic gases. Color steel surface coatings, arc epoxy coating materials and joint sealing materials must have antistatic properties to prevent harmful particles from being adsorbed onto the wall surface. The color steel plate must be tested before installation. The aisle partition wall is made of imported alumina treated semi-high double tempered glass window (double glazing with adjustable aluminum alloy louver). The glass has a thickness of 8 mm and the lower edge is 1100 mm from the ground. The section isolation outer wall is made of 12mm sandblasted tempered glass.

Guangdong laboratory renovation project, see if your lab is adequately regulated?

1, indoor net height

Indoor net height of conventional laboratory and research studio: when air conditioning is not set, it should not be lower than 2.70m; when setting air conditioning, it should not be lower than 2.40m. The clear height of the walkway should not be less than 2.20m. The indoor net height of the special laboratory shall be determined according to the requirements of the size, installation and maintenance of the experimental equipment.

2, open

The opening of the standard laboratory standard unit shall be determined by the width, arrangement and spacing of the test bench. The standard unit arranged in parallel on the test bench should not be less than 6.60m.

3, deep

The depth of the routine laboratory unit should be determined by the length of the test bench, the fume hood and the equipment of the experimental equipment, and should not be less than 6.60m. When there is no fume hood, it should not be less than 5.70m.

4, window

The scientific laboratory building with heating and air conditioning should reduce the outer window area on the premise of meeting the lighting requirements. The laboratory external window with air conditioning should have good airtightness and heat insulation, and it should be set to open the sash not less than 1/3 of the window area. The outer windows of the ground floor, semi-basement and basement should be protected against insects and rodents.


Shenzhen University Laboratory Design Planning Chuangmei VOLAB pays attention to the characteristics when it builds the laboratory: the laboratory pays attention to technology promotion work, and has jointly organized molecular biology frontier technology and proteomics experiments with the University of Hong Kong and the Guangdong Proteomics Laboratory. The training course has been extended to more than 100 people and received good social benefits.


 The laboratory is an open laboratory of the department and provides long-term animal model preparation (chronic heart failure, myocardial ischemia and reperfusion, atherosclerosis, liver fibrosis, fatty liver, liver stagnation syndrome, chronic renal failure, endotoxemia, Colitis, liver cancer in vivo imaging, colon cancer in vivo imaging, etc.), cell isolation and culture, screening of stably expressing cell lines, ELISA, pathological sectioning and staining, immunohistochemistry, gene cloning and subcloning, protein expression and purification, Real-time quantitative PCR (RT-PCR), protein (membrane protein, phosphorylated protein) immunoblotting, separation and identification of traditional Chinese medicine monomers, in vivo imaging of tumors, molecular biology and cell biology technical support and technical services, and accepted He commissioned experimental research and completed scientific research in cooperation with Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jinan University and several hospitals.