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Shenzhen Chuangmei's 2018 year-end summary and 2019 strategic deployment meeting was a complete success!

Jan 05, 2019

On December 30, 2018, Shenzhen Chuangmei's 2018 year-end summary and 2019 strategic deployment meeting was successfully held in Hubei Chuangmei Laboratory Industrial Park. More than 20 middle and high-level management members of Chuangmei Board of Directors, shareholders and department heads The staff attended the meeting.

Chairman Chuangmei Jiang made a comprehensive, objective, fair and just summary of the company's development in 2018. The main events of Chuangmei in 2018 are as follows: Hubei Chuangmei Laboratory Industrial Park Phase I construction trial production, Shanghai Pavilion, Beijing Pavilion The Guangxi Pavilion was completed, BOKA, CRM, and OA were officially launched. Honorary directors and outstanding partners joined the Chuangmei Lab's high-end customized one-stop service platform. They also proposed the company's development direction for the next three years and described the company's beautiful In the future, every beauty person can feel the bright future of the company, and strengthen the confidence of each of us and the determination to win!

General Manager Xu conducted a detailed analysis of the company's transformation and sales in 2018, and deployed the tasks in 2019. General Manager Wu made a personal personal understanding of the company in 2018, and raised the production, project and sales. Higher requirements; the heads of various departments made an in-depth summary of the work in 2018, analyzed the work of the previous year, and made detailed plans for the 2019 development year to prepare for the new year to make better achievements. .

The high-end customization of the laboratory, the good source of creation!

The 2019 charge has already sounded, and the goal has been clear. Let us adhere to the mission of “making Chinese laboratories safer”, sincere dedication, hard work and pragmatism, striving for the future, the spirit of courage to fight, based on the present, focusing on the future, struggling Pioneering, united and enterprising, and striving to achieve the goal of the whole year! At the same time, we expect more laboratory construction industry partners to join the high-end customized one-stop service platform of the laboratory, and jointly commit to "co-industry, co-construction and sharing." , win-win, and strive to build a community of destiny in the laboratory industry"