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Steel-wood fume hood and all-steel fume hood

Sep 03, 2018

Steel-wood and all-steel are two kinds of materials for laboratory furniture. BOKA steel-wood fume hood is made up of cold-rolled steel plate and high-quality wood. It is more practical. All-steel fume hood is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. Durable. Both materials have their own strengths. You can't say who is good or who is bad. You can choose according to your needs and preferences. The fume hood is an important safety device in the laboratory. It can provide an effective local ventilation method. The laboratory staff and the surrounding environment provide appropriate security protection.

How to choose a fume hood?

  The fume hood is not a separate piece of equipment and changes in the external environment can affect the performance of the fume hood. At the same time, the fume hood and its control system will also affect the environment around him. When you choose the fume hood: First: you must consider the factors of the whole system, such as: laboratory space, building ventilation control system, exhaust The arrangement of the pipeline and the placement of the fume hood, etc., secondly: you need to determine which type of fume hood you need. When choosing, you can usually measure it according to the following factors: 1. Upper cabinet part: There are three Styles: standard, low table, floor type. Whether the surface wind speed of the fume hood meets the safety wind speed requirements specified by international standards: 0.5m/s (international standard stipulates: only the surface wind speed can reach 0.5m/s to effectively capture the harmful gas in the cabinet).


What is the difference between a PP fume hood and an all-steel fume hood?

  Explosion-proof is explosion-proof and has an explosion-proof certificate. It can be used in areas with flammable explosive gas. All steel is not related to explosion-proof and explosion-proof. The whole steel cannot be said to be explosion-proof or explosion-proof; Explosion-proof materials may be cast iron or steel.

What kind of material is good in the laboratory fume hood?

  Shenzhen Chuangmei Industrial Co., Ltd. is committed to building a well-known brand in Shenzhen, BOKA, and is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for safety research in China's scientific research enterprises, including laboratory planning and design consultation, high-end laboratory furniture, laboratory decoration purification, and experimentation. Room biosafety, laboratory intelligent control, laboratory equipment mainly produce test benches, fume hoods, sky platforms, utensil cabinets, medicine cabinets, etc.

According to different customer groups, combined with domestic advanced technology, we have developed the following series of products: laboratory furniture series of all-wood structure, all-steel structure, aluminum-wood structure, steel-wood structure, etc. The material quality is good and safe.