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Talking about the food physical and chemical laboratory

Jul 26, 2018

As the saying goes: People take food for the sky, and food for the first. BOKA recently felt that this sentence is really important. The same also shows the wisdom of the ancestors. With the raging heat in summer, the safety of food has always been a matter of particular concern. Most office workers like Xiaobian are basically eating snacks outside every day, and should pay attention to this news. So how do our normal food physicochemical laboratories work? Next, we will do a little preliminary discussion on the quality control issues of food physicochemical laboratories.


The food physicochemical laboratory is mainly engaged in the physical and chemical testing of food, agricultural products, aquatic products and animal products.

1. Status of quality control in food physicochemical laboratories

In recent years, with the increasing emphasis on food safety in China, the quality inspection of food has become more and more concerned by all levels of departments, which puts new requirements for food quality inspection laboratories. There have also been many new features in the field. Laboratory quality control will directly affect the food safety assurance work, and there are too many factors affecting the results of physical and chemical testing, including instruments, materials, equipment, environment, samples, etc., if there is a problem in food testing, It can have a direct impact on the quality test results of food. Frequent accidents related to food safety problems, the number of incidents and the degree of harm are increasing, which has brought great harm to people's lives and health, and also brought instability to the society. It can be said that food Security issues have become the focus of widespread concern for our citizens. To this end, we should increase the quality control of food physicochemical laboratories and lay the foundation for food safety work.

2. Factors affecting the quality control of food physicochemical laboratories

Professional skills of laboratory personnel

Quality of laboratory equipment

Experimental facilities and environmental conditions

3. Research on quality control countermeasures of food physicochemical laboratory

In summary, the quality control of the food physicochemical implementation laboratory is an important part of ensuring accurate and reliable detection data. During the testing process, the experimenter is usually subject to various factors, such as materials, equipment, procedures and methods, and environmental conditions during measurement, which make the food physical and chemical quality test results inaccurate. To this end, we should conduct strict inspection and control of the quality control points and implementation of physical and chemical laboratories, so as to ensure that the physical and chemical inspection data issued by the laboratory is more realistic and reliable.

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