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Talking about the overall planning process of the laboratory

Dec 17, 2018

Friends who know the lab industry know that the overall planning of the lab is very important, then BOKA is here to talk to you.

lab furniture 11.28

“One-stop solution for laboratory engineering” is a highly reliable laboratory total solution provided in accordance with standardized design and construction processes and standardized operations. The “total solution” consists of laboratory building layout and decoration system, air conditioning, ventilation, water supply and drainage, gas supply, electrical engineering, safety centralized monitoring system, laboratory furniture and auxiliary equipment, user training, maintenance services, etc. It includes all the processes of comprehensive laboratory construction: from the planning and site selection in the early stage, to the design and construction of the internal system, to the training and delivery of the system, to the maintenance in the later period. The “Integrated Lab” integrates the comprehensive capabilities of equipment suppliers and service providers to ensure the safety and regulation of the laboratory. Users do not need to think too much about the details of the system, and all the work has a unified solution of the project general contracting service.

The design and construction of the “Integrated Laboratory” is based on relevant national standards and norms, emphasizing the most professional and complete system engineering for users, integrating the equipment and functional requirements of all levels of laboratories, and the uniform design and operation procedures of each major. The resulting system is an organic whole without disengaging the various parts of the system, creating safety and operational hazards.

After listening to BOKA's explanation, don't know if you have any gains? If you want to know more about the laboratory, please pay attention to us in real time~