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Testing laboratory proficiency testing requirements

Aug 23, 2018

What is proficiency testing?


Proficiency Testing confirms the participant's technical ability and work level by evaluating the performance of participating inspection and testing organizations in the interlaboratory comparison process.


What is the relationship between proficiency testing and accreditation?


Capability verification is an important means of evaluating the technical capabilities of laboratories and inspection organizations. It complements on-site review and constitutes the two most commonly used competency assessment techniques for CNAS.


What is the use of proficiency testing?


The benefits of proficiency testing are numerous. For example, it is possible to identify differences between laboratories, verify the quality of work in the laboratory, as a tool for personnel training, risk management and quality improvement, and enhance laboratory customer confidence.


Is it necessary to participate in proficiency testing when applying for CNAS laboratory accreditation?


As long as there is available capability verification, the initial application for laboratory accreditation, each sub-area that the conformity assessment body applies for accreditation should have participated in at least one proficiency test and obtained satisfactory results.


Why does CNAS have to perform proficiency testing?


Proof of competency is a necessary condition for an accreditation body to join and maintain an International Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA).


Which international organizations prefer to use proficiency testing results?


There are many international organizations that use the results of proficiency testing, because proficiency testing is an internationally recognized technical means of assessing laboratory capabilities.


Do Chinese government departments also like to use the results of proficiency testing?


YES! The Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Justice and other government administrative departments, the National Anti-Drug Committee and other departments consisting of 38 government departments, social and industrial organizations, have used proficiency testing as an important technical means to understand or monitor laboratory capabilities.


In which areas can CNAS perform proficiency testing?


CNAS has established a relatively complete capacity verification work system covering many industrial and economic fields such as food, chemical, construction, quality inspection, medicine, tobacco, metallurgy, agriculture, information, machinery, environmental protection, electronics and calibration, as well as judicial and public security. Social areas such as procuratorial and public health.


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