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the design principle of the laboratory

May 12, 2018

There are often many sources of chemical pollution that are harmful to human health, especially harmful gases, and it is very important to exclude them from the laboratory. But at the same time, energy is often consumed in a large amount, so the requirements of the laboratory's ventilation control system are getting higher, from early CV (fixed air volume), 2-State (bistable), VAV (Variable Air Volume) systems, To the latest adaptive control system - both safe and energy-saving needs. In short, the latest idea of the laboratory is to regard the entire laboratory as a smoke exhausting cabinet. How to effectively control various kinds of intake and exhaust, and to achieve both safe and economical results is crucial.

Common exhaust equipment for laboratories include: fume hoods, atomic absorption hoods, universal exhaust hoods, ceiling exhaust hoods, and tabletop exhaust hoods. Among them, the fume hood is the most common.

A fume hood is a ventilator that safely handles harmful, toxic gases or vapors. It is used to trap, seal, and transfer contaminants and harmful chemical gases to prevent escape into the laboratory. This inhales pollutants from the working area and keeps them away. The operator, to minimize inhalation exposure. The air flow in the fume hood is through the exhaust fan to suck the air in the lab into the fume hood, dilute the fumes in the fume hood and discharge it through the exhaust system to the outside, so as to achieve low concentration diffusion;

Universal exhaust hood is the first choice for local ventilation: simple installation, flexible positioning, good ventilation performance, can effectively protect the personal safety of laboratory workers;

Atomic Absorption Mask is mainly applicable to all kinds of large-scale precision instruments, requires positioning and installation, and has set ventilation performance parameters, which is also one of the factors that must be considered in the overall laboratory planning;

Exhaust hoods are mainly used in chemical laboratories and are one of the essential equipment in solving the overall ventilation requirements of such laboratories.