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The importance of laboratory construction

Mar 27, 2018

The construction of the laboratory, whether it is a new construction, expansion, or reconstruction project, is not simply the purchase of reasonable equipment, but also comprehensive consideration of the laboratory's overall planning, rational layout and graphic design, as well as power supply, water supply, and gas supply. , ventilation, air purification, safety measures, environmental protection and other infrastructure and basic conditions. Therefore, the construction of laboratories is a complex system project. In modern laboratories, advanced scientific instruments and superior and perfect laboratories are prerequisites for upgrading modern science and technology and promoting the growth of scientific research results. "People-oriented, people and the environment" has become a topic that people are highly concerned about. In the "security, environmental protection, practical, durable, beautiful, economic, excellent, leading," the planning and design concepts. The planning and design are mainly divided into six aspects: plane design system, single structure functional design system, water supply and drainage design system, electronic control system, special gas distribution system, and harmful gas output system.