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The main function of safety cabinets

Feb 17, 2017

Safety cabinets, was developed for safety, it's a kind of laboratory furniture. Protecting experimental household refrigerator has a lot of similarities, but was higher than the refrigerator, constant temperature and humidity safe skin material of high performance steel in implementation of safety at work, to protect the lab environment was also broken. Even more high-tech design is constant temperature and humidity cabinet, it can protect some special agent and medicine safety equipment used in the experiment. It works with our quality, can slip not only looks, but also has better thermal insulation effect.

Constant temperature and humidity inside the safety Cabinet designed to diversify the temperature, can do more than one space coexist but different temperatures, you can even do, adjacent spaces are two greatly different temperature protective coating. This is due to its internal design, temperature and humidity inside the safety Cabinet aluminum thermal insulation layer and multi-layer integration, a vacuum in the Middle, so as to achieve two adjacent space to disturb the temperature.