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The Planning and Precautions of Dental Laboratory

Jul 09, 2019

   Teeth are an indispensable part of our body and its role cannot be replaced. However, due to the accelerated pace of people's life and the irregular diet, dental diseases continue to emerge, followed by the emergence of dental clinics. So how do you plan for a dental or dental laboratory? This involves the industry knowledge we need to understand today.

  1.Specific requirements:

  The layout of the laboratory is in accordance with the laboratory building design specifications and the fire protection specifications of the building design. It is necessary to separate the office area from the experimental area, and an access control system is provided between the two. The main dental laboratory and the auxiliary function area are coordinated and distributed according to the laboratory function flow.

lab furniture-012



  The dental laboratory must consider separating the flow of human and sewage to ensure that the sample does not cross-infect, the safety of the aids and the accuracy of the experimental data. Emergency showers are designed in the laboratory area to reduce the risk of laboratory operators and patients.


  Emergency Flushing Eyewash

  3.Functional area design:

  Dental laboratories or clinics can be divided into basic chemistry laboratories, pharmacodynamic laboratories, diagnostic laboratories, analytical testing centers, viral vaccine laboratories, and pilot plants. Ensure that each area operates efficiently and in a coordinated manner, providing patients with the most effective experimental treatment over time.


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