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the rationality of laboratory furniture determines the efficiency of the experiment

Jul 25, 2018

Many people say that the efficiency of the experiment is determined by the ability of the researcher. In fact, the rationality of the laboratory furniture also determines the efficiency of the experiment. Listen carefully to the small series.

If you are in a laboratory instrument and laboratory materials, the area is not clear, the equipment is messy, and the laboratory height is too high. Your vision will definitely be fatigued, and the operation will definitely be inconvenient and cause irritability, which will greatly affect you. Experimental efficiency. Therefore, a complete set of safe, environmentally friendly and comfortable laboratory furniture also plays a decisive role in the efficiency of the experiment. According to the professional characteristics of the laboratory, the color design of the furniture generally pays attention to the uniformity of color purity and the overall coordination of the laboratory. The color of the elegant and comfortable atmosphere is the most common. Therefore, laboratory furniture also needs to have a clean and clear appearance and color, which not only makes the operator feel comfortable and pleasant, and the operation is smooth and easy, thereby improving the efficiency of the experiment, improving the indoor environment, embodying the characteristics of the times, and achieving the purpose of environmental education. Whether the height and width of the bench top of the bench are reasonable, how to ensure the availability of an effective desktop, the location of the sink and the reasonable storage of chemical reagents, etc., all require a lot of research.

The rational design of laboratory furniture allows the experimenter to use it flexibly and comfortably, which is decisive for laboratory efficiency. Shenzhen Chuangmei Industrial Co., Ltd. has also been working hard to produce more humanized laboratory furniture.