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University laboratory construction goals and requirements

Aug 28, 2018





1. Practical

The purpose and link of experimental teaching are gradually transformed from the verification, demonstration and practicality of general higher education experimental teaching. Taking the laboratory construction as the core, try to improve the simulation of the experimental equipment, reduce the demonstration and verification, and provide the environment for the students to operate as much as possible. Combining the construction of general laboratories and professional classrooms, the investment direction of equipment should not only meet the needs of current teaching, but also be oriented to market demand, with strong forward-looking and predictive.


2, comprehensive

Change the traditional single mode of the laboratory, gradually establish a comprehensive professional laboratory, expand the experimental function of the equipment, realize the organic connection of the experiment and practice, and comprehensively cultivate the professional skills of the students. The newly built computer software laboratory, garden 3S technical laboratory and model making laboratory are comprehensive professional laboratories established according to the current development trend.


3. Modernization

With the development of the information society and the advent of the digital age, modern technology will be used to transform and upgrade the functions of teaching and experimental equipment as soon as possible, from traditional teaching and experiment to modern teaching and experiment.


4, specialization

On the one hand, the college improves the professional skills, professional quality and professional ethics of experimental teaching personnel, and improves their practical hands-on ability and ability to control modern high-tech experiments and training equipment. On the other hand, while cultivating students' professional skills, they pay attention to the cultivation of students' professional quality and professional ethics in various practical teaching links. Various lectures are held regularly to participate in design and engineering projects at all levels in Huaihua City and Hunan Province. Students are encouraged to participate in professional activities nearby, and various guidance before employment is made to prepare students for employment. Achieve the seamless connection between student training and the market.


Fourth, the main measures for construction and development


1. Deepen the reform of the laboratory management system and improve the laboratory management system. The laboratory will serve as an important means of teaching and research to cooperate with professional teaching and research.


2. Adjust the content, methods and means of reforming experimental teaching. In order to cultivate students' practical ability as a breakthrough, to broaden students' horizons, cultivate students' innovative thinking ability, reform to improve students' comprehensive quality, continuously update test equipment, expand laboratory scale, and use modern technology to multi-face Conduct teaching experiments to improve the quality of teaching.


3. Strengthen the construction of laboratory technicians. We will adopt a combination of self-cultivation and introduction to build a team of professional and technical personnel who are in line with the teaching and research level of our school and have a reasonable age, academic qualifications and professional title structure.


4. Strengthen the construction of laboratory systems and improve laboratory assessment and assessment measures. According to the relevant regulations of the school, combined with the development status and construction needs of our teaching laboratory, strengthen the standardization construction of our laboratory, and carry out scientific and modern management of the laboratory.


5. Make full use of experimental conditions and capabilities, open to the teachers and students of the whole school, open to the society, further expand the scope of open schools, promote resource sharing, and improve the efficiency of laboratory use.