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What are the laboratory homes and warnings!

Jun 06, 2018

Lab furniture teaching equipment laboratory experiment with operating table, including the fume hood, laboratory cabinets, storage cabinets, etc. According to the material classification includes all steel, all wood, steel wood, aluminum wood, stainless steel, PP and other types. The countertop can use plates, physicochemical plates, ceramic plates or

 epoxy resin plates to achieve resistance to acids, alkalis, abrasions and the like.

Furniture use

Thorough cleaning and disinfection are the first functions to be considered in biology, medicine, paint laboratories, and clean rooms. This requires laboratory furniture that is easy to clean, sterilize, and maintain cleanliness for a long time. Ordinary steel and wooden furniture can hardly meet this cleanliness requirement. With the continuous development of the industry, it is important for the laboratory furniture industry to enter the market continuously. For example:

Experimental bench: plate-type central station steel-wood unilateral test bench, all-steel center bench, water bucket platform, and day platform; experimental bench-top panel: corrosion-resistant physiochemical board countertop, fume hood series: plate-type through-air cabinet, steel-wood fume hood, new type All steel fume hoods, floor-standing all-steel fume hoods; cabinets series; reagent cabinets, vessel cabinets, gas cylinder cabinets, safety cabinets, lockers, shoes cabinets; reagent rack: plate reagent rack, steel glass central reagent rack, waterproof socket Laboratory stools; Laboratory professional bucket series: eyewash, emergency shower, laboratory taps, laboratory-specific Coulter series; laboratory ventilation system: atomic suction hood, universal exhaust hood; office partition series : Desks, office chairs, office partitions The perfect combination of stainless steel countertops and steel cabinets with 25mm base plate, taking into account the laboratory's requirements for cleanliness and load-bearing.

2 fume hoods

Product Description: The fume hood is an important safety device in the laboratory and is mainly used for exhausting various indoor exhaust gases. Fume hoods are used in laboratories and require the discharge of harmful gases, and a laboratory-useful device that requires cleaning and effluent discharge during the experiment.

The performance of the fume hood depends on the speed of the air moving through the fume hood. The factors affecting the frontal speed and air movement are eddy current, inlet shape of the cabinet, thermal energy, mechanical action, exhaust vent design, and suspects.

3 washing table

Fiberglass washing station

Washing table maintenance and maintenance: regular maintenance can extend the life of the table;

Warning: 1. Reagents splashed on the table should be cleaned immediately.

2, regular use of warm water and detergents to clean the blood, bacteria laboratory a few times a day to clean.

3, is strictly prohibited in a long time placed in the humid and the temperature is higher than 135 °C in the environment;

4. When using the electric furnace, the electric furnace must be placed on a special bracket;

5, direct contact with flame, molten metal, metal sparks and other high temperature items is strictly prohibited;

6, do not long exposure to direct sunlight;

7, be careful when installing the maintenance of the table, be careful not to use as a scaffold