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What are the laboratory planning and design equipment?

Aug 10, 2018

Based on the above laboratory planning and design concepts and the actual situation of the project, the following design instructions are made:

Laboratory design classification:

1. The experimental table adopts the standard combination type, and can be combined and fully utilized in the process of future laboratory relocation.

2, the overall anti-corrosion of the fume hood, stepless speed regulation, noise below 55 decibels, no piping, avoiding wall opening.

3. The upper water pipe adopts Huaya PP-R. All the front end of the faucet is equipped with a valve for easy maintenance. The lower pipe adopts Huaya chemical pipe, which is resistant to acid and alkali and organic solvent.

4. Reserve a set of pure water pipes.

5. The sink is integrally formed of PP and equipped with a bottle washer and a drip stand.

6, the power socket uses multi-function jack, 220V all in place, to meet the requirements of 10A and 16A two power, 110, 380 all have reserved.

7. The network cable and telephone line are reserved.

8. All air ducts are equipped with muffler to keep the noise of the whole room below 55 decibels.

9, equipped with emergency eye wash, first aid kit.

Instrument room:

1. Adopt international common design scheme, all gas pipelines, wires, network cables and telephone lines are in place and reserved.

2, cylinder storage, we recommend the use of cylinder safety room, according to the actual situation, only use the cylinder safety cabinet, with gas leakage alarm and strong exhaust device.

3. The power socket adopts multi-function jack, 220V is all in place, meeting the requirements of 10A and 16A power. 110 and 380 are all reserved.

4, the room is equipped with a ventilation system, the wind speed is above 0.5m / s, and there are dampers can be adjusted, the noise is below 55 decibels.

Chemical reagent storage room:

1. Arrange specific storage cabinets for storage according to the storage requirements of conventional, flammable and highly toxic drugs.

2. This room is equipped with a ventilation system to clean the room air and prevent personal injury.