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What are the places where power layout needs to be considered when building a laboratory?

May 25, 2018

After the initial completion of the laboratory construction, it is also necessary to take into account that the power supply layout, if these can be arranged to be very good, can save manpower and material expenses, which also saves the cost of their own laboratories. Better scientific research experiments.


The layout of the power supply should take into account the power required by the laboratory, make full consideration and analysis, and pay attention to the following:

1. The required power of all instruments in the laboratory and the number of electrical sockets needed, reasonable layout, safe and convenient to use.


2. The electrical socket is three holes or two holes.


3, electrical outlets distributed in various places to ensure the use of safe and convenient.


4, the instrument required voltage (220V or 380V), power.


5, should fully consider the computer required socket.


6,36V safe electricity work in the laboratory, often need to hand-held lights for work. Such as equipment maintenance, local lighting, etc., in order to ensure personal safety, the laboratory is equipped with 36V safe power is essential. According to the safe voltage design requirements, the input circuit and output circuit of the safe voltage supply must implement circuit isolation. Therefore, the single-phase AC220V voltage from phase C of the three-phase power supply in Fig. 1 is transformed into a safe AC voltage of 36V through a safety isolating transformer to transform the 220V voltage on the transmission line. In use, it should be noted that the plug for safety voltage series cannot be plugged into a socket with a higher voltage. If a 36V plug is used, it should not be plugged into a 220V plug. This power supply cannot be used with a common power supply.


7. Location of laboratory lighting equipment installation: The lighting equipment should be installed in a vertical or diagonal line with the work surface to eliminate shadows caused by object occlusion.


8. Special laboratory lighting equipment: If the laboratory is used to separate experimental areas of microorganisms and molecular biology, it should be able to effectively protect workers and specimens from contamination. UV lamps are the most commonly used disinfection devices. The distance between the fixed UV lamp and the ground should not exceed 2.1 meters. The number of UV lamps should be determined according to the laboratory space. When using an ultraviolet luminaire, it must be ensured that the surface of the object (for example, the paint on the wall surface of the watch, the work surface, etc.) can withstand ultraviolet light bleaching.


9, in addition to considering the current use of the need to design the power supply, there must be sufficient amount of expansion to meet the needs of the laboratory.


10. Electrical power supply for computer, instrument, sky platform, and micro-slab is arranged on the 500mm high wall on the wall facing the middle of the table, and a set of 1000mm long single phase 220 with a size of 4mm 2 is reserved. Volt AC power cord (three wire system: L FireWire, N Neutral, E Ground)