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What are the requirements for the ground in the laboratory design?

Apr 03, 2019

An important part of the laboratory design is the laboratory floor, which is also the scope of the operator's activities in a small laboratory space, that is, although it is the ground, it plays a very large role. In this regard, the unnamed Raymont emphasized that in the laboratory design, we must pay special attention to these details to ensure that the design is considered, the construction quality, can make the ground of the large area more convenient for the operator's health or operation. The role.

lab furniture-04

The requirements for the design of the laboratory are as follows: First, solvent-based epoxy resin is basically used, and the strength is required to be above C20. When finished, we can measure by this standard, the ground is dense, and there is no sanding. The situation is unqualified for those grounds where cracks have occurred, so we must pay attention. And the color of the ground designed by the laboratory is generally gorgeous, and it also has a function, that is, anti-static performance, which is very important for the laboratory.

In addition to the above details, the laboratory design is also required to withstand high temperatures for the ground, and can be carried for weights below medium and medium, because the laboratory must involve many equipment and facilities, and the weight is also large, so when we consider the laboratory design For the ground, not only to complete its basic functions, but more importantly, it also plays a decorative role, which can relieve the work pressure and quickly complete the task for the future operators. Of course, other basic functions are also required, for example, it should be wear-resistant and washable, and must be non-slip to prevent the operator from falling and hurting. The materials used must be of good quality and excellent performance.