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What is the layout of the cylinders designed by the laboratory

Dec 07, 2018

The gas cylinders are the rooms for storing gas cylinders. We generally pay attention to the storage of gas cylinders. In the process of layout between cylinders, what should be paid attention to? The following is the summary of VOLAB Walllessbo for everyone. Layout scheme between cylinders

1. Since the stored gas has flammable gas and combustion-supporting gas, it must be placed in stock according to national regulations. Put them into different cylinders.

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2. A pressure regulating panel is set up in the cylinder room, in which two trays and one panel are provided with four sets of copper chrome-plated panels.

3. Sintered metal filter should be installed before the pressure regulator inlet to prevent impurities such as particles from contaminating the system.

4. All panels are equipped with a purge valve for cleaning and replacement of the panel.

5. The pressure regulator and related pipe fittings must be firmly fixed on the pressure regulating panel. The panel should be designed to be compact and reasonable to minimize the dead volume in the system.

6. The pressure regulating panel should be made of all stainless steel and firmly fixed in a reliable position to ensure its safety.

7. The gas cylinders stored in the cylinders are fixed by a gas cylinder bracket with anti-reverse chain. The cylinder brackets are durable and elegant. The gas cylinder bracket is made of aluminum alloy.

8. The SS316L high-pressure metal hose is connected between the gas cylinder in the cylinder and the pressure regulator without penetration. The high pressure hose is a flexible hose to ensure the convenience of the connection. And self-guided protective steel cable to prevent high-voltage "pumping" accident caused by the phenomenon of cylinder valve damage in extreme cases. The connection between the pressure regulator and the pipe is a double-ring ferrule.

9. The cylinder fittings on the high pressure hose must match the specifications of the cylinder angle valve to ensure the reliability of the connection.

10. The exhaust air path should be collected, fixed and discharged to an outdoor safe place.