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What is the location of the laboratory fume hood?

Nov 23, 2018

The laboratory fume hood is a small equipment. The conventional size is 1500x850x2350. Where should such a large equipment be installed? The most important thing is that the fume hood should be installed close to the window so that the pipe can be easily discharged outdoors. The shorter the pipe, the better the exhaust effect. Many people will habitually place the ventilation equipment in the corner of the wall. It is far from the experimental place. The province occupies other experimental furniture. Some important documents and important reagents should be placed near the test bench. Experiments can be started at any time. In fact, this idea is wrong. Regardless of the size of the ventilation equipment, it should be placed closest to the test bench.

fume hood-03

Normally, the ventilation device should be placed closest to the test bench, because every time toxic gas or dust is generated from the test bench, it is the first to be polluted and the most polluted. . We must always take precautionary measures to prevent problems before they happen. Although the large ventilation equipment occupies a large area, the ventilation effect is also very good.

Ventilation equipment is different from other equipment used in the laboratory. Whether it is a faucet or a sterilizer, it can be used as long as you can take a few steps. At best, it is a little troublesome. However, if you put the ventilation device far away, when the toxic gas is discharged during the experiment, the ventilation device can not immediately convert and circulate the air, so even the best ventilation equipment will not have much effect.

The height of the conventional fume hood is 2350mm, then the minimum height of the laboratory for installing the fume hood should not be lower than the net height of 2900mm. The fume hood pipe is generally 250mm diameter or 200mm direct. Of course, the thicker pipe exhaust effect is better, the noise is relatively Said to be low. When installing the ventilating cabinet, the conventional size is 2700mm from the ground, and the front and rear distance is about 450mm.