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What is the overall solution for the laboratory design?

Aug 24, 2017

The overall solution of the laboratory is based on the scientific, standardized, standardized, professional basis, combined with the user laboratory status and future development needs, and carry out the "customized" comprehensive activities. "The overall laboratory" design and construction based on the relevant national standards, emphasizing the provision of the most professional and most complete system engineering, integration of the various levels of laboratory equipment and functional requirements, the professional design and operation by a unified program , So that the final completion of the system is an organic whole, and will not make the various parts of the system out of each other, resulting in security and operational risks.


Laboratory overall solution Simple classification are: laboratory preparation program, laboratory construction, laboratory furniture program, laboratory product technical services ,total are four parts .


Laboratory preparation program is generally in the form of a report to cooperate, mainly around the user in the laboratory construction process, the overall investment budget of the laboratory, the overall laboratory design and planning, the overall laboratory construction, laboratory function positioning, Laboratory equipment configuration configuration, laboratory integrated supplies configuration, laboratory operation and management, laboratory technical capacity, laboratory accreditation, ... ... and other series of problems.


Laboratory construction  is based on country's report and request to carrie out,  Foundation and foundation construction, the main structure construction, building decoration construction, building roof construction, building construction, building water supply and drainage and heating electrical construction, intelligent building construction, ventilation and air conditioning, elevator installation, etc.


Laboratory furniture is the core of the overall laboratory construction, beautiful, generous, durable, practical, international laboratory furniture has become the most basic pursuit of all laboratory construction, but also BOKA company has been the advantage. Laboratory furniture such as the material of the lab bench, specifications, laboratory corrosion resistance and other properties are related to the future use of the laboratory.


Laboratory equipment, technology and services are indispensable components in the use of the laboratory.  can provide: laboratory-specific equipment, features equipment, non-standard equipment; product testing technology, calibration measurement technology; qualification services, qualification services.

At this time, the builder needs to consider the infrastructure and basic conditions such as the overall planning, process flow, rational distribution, network, heating, ventilation, power supply, drainage, ventilation, air purification, safety fire protection and environmental protection. Engineering is a fairly complicated step.GUANGZHOU BOKA LAB SYSTEM TECH CO.,LTD . professional intelligent laboratory design and planning, laboratory construction of the overall solution leader, the domestic laboratory design company top ten brand preferred, laboratory decoration, laboratory construction