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What is the principle of humanized laboratory design?

Sep 05, 2018

In many laboratory design cases, the first consideration is the impact of aesthetics and style on the entire laboratory space environment, and then consider the use of its functions. In fact, as a functional configuration of the laboratory workspace, the real good overall planning and design of the laboratory should still be human-centered to release its functions. The comfort experience of the human body is the first principle of the overall planning and design of the laboratory.


When users are planning and designing the whole laboratory, they need to purchase a batch of laboratory furniture. The quantity, size and style should not be taken care of. The most important thing to consider is that the purchased laboratory furniture should be suitable for people and can make research. It is very important that the personnel have a comfortable and comfortable application experience, but few purchasers can consider it at best, at most, there are specific requirements in terms of style and size, and neglect humanization considerations.


Yes, it is more humane to be suitable for people, but here humanization refers to the interactive experience between laboratory design and human body, and does not include aspects such as spatial style influence and image matching.


The experience of human comfort is the first consideration. The experimental bench and the experimental chair are laboratory furniture that are in close contact with people. It is also used to achieve the results of work. The comfort is related to the working status of the researchers, and even the research results. That is to say, the researchers must first feel comfortable, and then the basic functions of laboratory furniture should be properly played.