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What issues should be focused on in laboratory design?

Jun 08, 2018

Laboratory construction is a systematic project. It involves long-term cycle, budget constraints, site constraints, geographical location, climate characteristics and many other factors. It requires systematic and closed-loop thinking and ideas. The so-called sharpening is not mistaken in cutting woodwork. Laboratory construction needs to lay a solid foundation in the laboratory design stage in advance so that it will not appear in the decoration phase, acceptance phase, use phase, or even later-stage maintenance phase. The sequelae of human headaches, I believe many laboratory managers have experienced similar failures.

So what factors should be concerned about a good laboratory design?

First, the laboratory layout design


   The layout design of the laboratory is based on the nature of the laboratory, the target location of the laboratory, the functional requirements of the laboratory, the type of experiment, and the experimental process and other factors, according to the relevant national standards for the scientific and reasonable distinction between the existing laboratory space And layout work.

The laboratory graphic design requires that the laboratory designer must be familiar with the knowledge of China's architectural decoration, relevant standards and specifications of the laboratory in our country, and be familiar with the designed experimental process flow of the laboratory.

Second, the laboratory area and instrument placement

   Before designing the laboratory, the type, quantity, specification, size, voltage and power of the instrument, as well as the position of the instrument, should be determined according to the experimental procedure. The designer should make the instrument power supply, water supply and drainage, gas supply, and purified water. And the design of the exhaust duct interface. Determine the required area of each area based on the number of instruments and their placement.

Split effectively use space. Placement of the instrument must not only be convenient for work, but also consider ground loading problems.

Third, ventilation system design


   Laboratory ventilation system design is a top priority in laboratory design and a key factor in the success or failure of laboratory construction. Laboratory ventilation system design laboratory exhaust system and air supplement system.

The design of the laboratory exhaust system should be based on the "Code for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Design" and "Code for the Design of Civil Building Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning", through the actual laboratory required exhaust air volume, pipeline length, pipeline orientation and actual site conditions. Comprehensive analysis and calculations are conducted to scientifically and rationally design the exhaust system so as to achieve the objectives of safety, comfort, and energy saving in the design of the laboratory.