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What should be done in the spatial layout of the laboratory plan?

Jul 04, 2018

We all know that when building a laboratory, we will first consider the budget for the establishment of the laboratory. Then, how do we plan the spatial layout of our laboratory under certain budgetary expenses? This is a big problem, I want to To plan the space and layout of the lab very reasonably, just calm down and watch the insights of VOLAB Xiaobian!...

lab furniture-011.jpg

1. Design of safety facilities: According to international standards, safe design of safety cabinets, cabinets and emergency showers, first-aid eye washers, etc. are arranged in the laboratory.

2. Environmentally friendly design: With the development of the economy, people's requirements for environmental protection are becoming more and more strict. Provide a complete exhaust gas purification treatment solution, so that the exhaust gas generated in the experiment can be effectively solved, which is consistent with environmental emission indicators.

3, the design of the exhaust ventilation system: in the laboratory new construction or renovation project, we participate in the planning, send professional engineers to the site to contact the relevant personnel, according to the number of ventilation carriers in the laboratory (such as fume hood The hood exhaust hood) is designed with a complete ventilation scheme. The content of the scheme includes the position and size of the tube wells reserved for exhaust in the building, and the distribution and specifications of the pipeline. Ensure that the air speed, exhaust volume, noise and other indicators when the ventilated carrier is used meet the national standards.

4. Planning and design of product layout: Provide professional advice for the use department, design product layout plan that meets laboratory standards and usage requirements. Determine the type of product in the laboratory. Quantities to meet laboratory requirements and standards.

5, product personality design: According to the experimental process and personnel's special requirements, adjust the product structure and function, design a personalized product to meet the user's requirements.

6. Design of reserved position of water and electricity: After the layout is determined, a comprehensive hydropower location map will be provided and submitted to the customer for construction.

After the explanation of BOKA Xiaobian, do you think that the layout of the laboratory planning is very clear? Then we have more than ten years of experience in laboratory design and design, and we have built a high-end laboratory. , is the overall solution laborator of the security laboratory, then the industry people in need welcome to contact us, we will be happy to help you!