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What should be paid attention to in the laboratory transformation?

Jun 30, 2018

In the laboratory, when the previous laboratory cannot meet the current needs, the general enterprise will choose to build a new laboratory or carry out partial or large-scale transformation on the basis of the original laboratory, and the laboratory transformation involves water and electricity. Road, ventilation system layout. Then, in the process of transformation, what are the precautions?

Laboratory renovation layout:

1. As the indoor environment and space layout have been determined, arrangements should be made during the renovation of the laboratory to save space.

2. When renovating the layout in the laboratory, follow the experimental procedure to reduce the unnecessary movement of the staff.

3, the layout of the instrument should pay attention to layout design, try to avoid the interference between different instruments.

4. Reasonable Arrangement of Ventilation System: There are two types of ventilation in the laboratory, namely local exhaust ventilation and all-compartment ventilation. In the process of laboratory renovation, combined with work needs and the layout of the indoor environment, choose an effective ventilation system.

5. The focus is on safety protection. In laboratory experiments, some researchers stay in the laboratory all day. For safety reasons, emergency equipment such as emergency eye washers, emergency showers, and emergency lighting alarm facilities must be prepared. Disinfection washing facilities, etc. should be set up in a conspicuous place. If there is an emergency, it can be used for the first time.

6. Constant temperature and humidity control, constant temperature and humidity have high requirements on humidity, and should be designed with ventilation system.

7, the laboratory transformation should pay attention to dust, if necessary, re-layout the design of doors and windows.

8. Waterway transformation: Select materials, water pipes and joints according to the requirements of the experiment. In the laboratory transformation, we must consider the separation of water and electricity, the environment around the water pipes, the direction of the waterways, and so on.

9, circuit transformation: According to the needs of the laboratory, whether it is necessary to adjust the circuit layout, the circuit affects the operation of the entire laboratory equipment.

10. After the transformation, the laboratory needs to reconfigure the laboratory furniture. The laboratory furniture should be selected according to the working environment.

To purchase, if the work needs to use the PP material of corrosion resistance, it can be purchased according to different work requirements.

Laboratory renovation requirements:

(1) Humanization: reasonable laboratory configuration to meet the environmental comfort of the staff.

(2) Safety: Laboratory transformation must conform to national design standards and focus on safety.

(3) Practicality: Laboratory design should be reasonably equipped with laboratory furniture.