College Lab Table Laboratory Furniture For School Chemical Class

New ring-shaped teaching chemistry test bench,The experimental platform is an
indispensable basic equipment in the chemical experiment. Its design should adhere
to the functional principle, and the experimental platform must not only meet the
specific needs in the teaching process, but also meet the requirements of
environmental protection, safety, and reasonable space utilization. The ring-shaped
student experimental table, which has a simple structure, is safe and
environmentally friendly when conducting experiments, is convenient to use, and
greatly improves the experimental environment of students

Product Details

Most of the students' experiment tables in the chemical laboratory are rectangular. Compared with the experimental platform used in scientific research, the experimental platform used in teaching occupies a larger proportion of space, and has higher requirements in the interaction between teachers and students, teaching and learning, troubleshooting and other aspects. At the same time, we should pay attention to the cultivation of students' environmental awareness and green concept.

MaterialMetal,wood,stainless steel,steel-wood
ColorBule,white,green,black,or customization
SizeStandard size , or according to your needs,we can custom-made for you
StructureC-frame,H-frame,Floor Mounted
Custom-madeDimension, Color and structure

(1)Solid core physico-chemical board (12.7mm / 17mm / 19mm Shanghai VIA Asia solid physicochemical board or 12.7mm / 17mm / 19mm Ruixin solid core physics and chemistry board)
(2)It adopts Shanghai Weisheng Aaike plate top (12.7mm/17mm/19mm), which is antibacterial and easy to clean. It is polished and polished by the edge grinding machine (water mill).
(3)Epoxy resin countertop (domestic epoxy resin countertop 15mm/19mm or Du anti-import epoxy resin countertop 15mm/19mm)
(4)Imported Dutch Trespa (13mm/16mm/19mm), antibacterial, easy to clean, polished front edge edge grinding machine (water mill)
(5)It adopts ceramic plate countertop, thickness 20mm, high temperature resistance, edge polished and polished, beautiful and smooth
(6)It adopts 25mm thick high-quality MDF and 0.8mm thick veneer physico-chemical board.

Front and rear beamswelded by 30*60*1.5mm square steel pipe, the surface is pickled
DoorIt is made of 1.0mm thick high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, double-layered inside and outside, filled with sound-insulating material
Cabinet1.0mm thick high-quality cold-rolled steel plate is used, all the workpieces are stamped and welded by die, the welding part is smoothed and polished
DrawerIt is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate with 1.0mm thickness, double-layered and buckled type, filled with sound-insulating material
Active backboardstamped with 1.0mm thick high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, the surface is pickled
Handle1. C-type alloy chrome handle, beautiful appearance, user-friendly design;
2. Aluminum alloy concave short handle, beautiful appearance, user-friendly design.
3. It adopts aluminum alloy handle, mold forming, chemical treatment on the surface, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and humanized design.
Slide rail1. Silent three-section slide rail, mold forming, surface sprayed with epoxy powder, corrosion-resistant
2. It adopts high-quality cold-rolled steel plate mold for one-time molding with wear-resistant belt casting nylon wheel slide rail.
Hinge1. Self-closing alloy hinge, the door is opened [175°], the automatic rebound is silently closed, the appearance is beautiful, no noise, corrosion resistance and long service life;
2. Hinge: It adopts 304# stainless steel high quality hinge, which has the advantages of corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, rust prevention and long service life.
3. Adjustable feet: special foot nylon die-casting stainless steel screw, load-bearing, moisture-proof, rust-proof, anti-slip, antibacterial, anti-corrosion, can adjust the height of the cabinet 30-50MM according to the indoor floor; the appearance is beautiful, the design is humanized.


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