Industrial Lab Stainless Steel Storage Cabinet Fireproof Flammable Safety Cabinet

According to international practice, there are four colors of common used chemicals storage safety cabinet to store various hazardous chemicals.
Generally, the yellow cabinets are used for storing flammable chemicals, the red for combustible chemicals, the blue for weak corrosive chemicals (Strongly corrosive chemicals can only be stored in PP (polypropylene) material
storage cabinet), such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid and other strongly corrosive chemicals), and the white are used for storing the toxic chemicals.
The color is for distinguishing different type chemicals in storage and convenient using. The cocmon effect of the each type safety cabinet is for fire prevention, heat insulation and secure storage.

Product Details


1.Fire resistant security cabinet whole for the double-decked fire resistant steel plate structure, between two steel plates is separated 40mm, inner fills the special fire resistant material, the fire protection function is more remarkable.
2.Uses the high quality cold rolling steel plate, which gain strength, the fire protection function is better .
3.The bottom 50mm high liquid tight containment of cabinet body can greatly hold chemistry liquid leak.
4.Exclusive "spill-catcher" shelves could bear 400 lbs steel safety can, which can prevent the corrosion and hold the liquid to leak.
5.Durable and chemical resistant, non-lead epoxy resin paint is painted outside and inside, maximizing the effects of anti- chemical ability.
6.Using three languages high identified labels, anti-corrosive.
7.Dual fire resistant vents with built-in flash arresters strategically placed at both side of cabinets.
8.Four adjustable "spill-catcher " horizontal shelves could guarantee the cabinet body steady.

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