Mobile RNA Detection Lab Mobile Lab Vehicle For PCR Fast Detection

The new covid-19 epidemic is serious, with a wide range and many infected people. If the infected people cannot be detected in time and effectively isolated, the epidemic prevention and control will become more and more severe. The newly-built fixed PCR is not suitable for all hospitals and institutions. It is restricted by many venues, and the cost of manpower and material resources is relatively high. However, the mobile lab vehicle makes up for the shortcomings in this respect. It is not only low in cost but high in efficiency, The ability to quickly deploy and carry out experiments greatly eases the pressure of nucleic acid detection. It is undoubtedly a better option for many testing institutions.

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Why promote the construction of Mobile Lab Vehicle

Mobile Lab Vehicle

First, it is convenient and fast, which is conducive to improving the emergency response capabilities of public health emergencies. In the face of sudden and major epidemics, it can be quickly put into use, which can effectively reduce the flow of patients, thereby curbing the path and time of virus transmission.

Mobile Lab Vehicle

nt in the mobile PCR laboratory have implemented shock-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-infection measures as required. The protection of personnel and the protection of virus safety are better than those of ordinary PCR laboratories. Take a step up.

Mobile Lab Vehicle

The third is a wide range of applications. Whether it is disease control hospitals, third-party testing, customs ports, stations, schools and other places, mobile lab vehicle laboratories can be used for testing, and they can even be exported to foreign countries for international assistance.

Mobile Lab Vehicle

The fourth is the strong detection ability, according to the application site and the capacity of the cabin, the daily detection volume is more than 100-2000 people.

Mobile Lab Vehicle

Fifth, it can effectively control pollution. The mobile box is generally placed outdoors. Compared with patients or viruses, outdoor air circulates quickly and will not gather and stay at a high level like indoor air, thereby increasing the infectivity of viruses.

Mobile Lab Vehicle

Sixth, it can be recycled and reused. The mobile laboratory can be reused. After the epidemic is over, it can be re-applied to CDC, hospitals, ports, or third-party testing units after the epidemic is over. Maintenance and re-use when needed, better saving and resource reuse.

Mobile Lab Vehicle

Mobile lab vehicle configuration

The mobile lab vehicle is designed in strict accordance with the requirements of the PCR laboratory using standard containers, and is equipped with a decontamination room, which is highly integrated with water, electricity, wind, equipment and other majors;

The cabinet is equipped with lighting, ultraviolet lamps, counters, equipment, refrigerators, etc.;

The air supply pipe is integrally formed in the container body and connected outside the container body through special components;

The exhaust air is set separately, and the air column is integrated with the exhaust fan;

When used as a vehicle-mounted laboratory, the drainage device adopts a collection device and is regularly taken out through the dirt outlet;

When transported to the site for fixed use, the drainage pipe is connected to the biological wastewater treatment tank of the unit.

98% of the construction work is completed in the factory, and only a flat site is required for transportation to the site, and the necessary water and electricity docking can complete the installation.

Mobile Lab Vehicle

Application & Apparatus & PCR instrucment

Application: Hospital,CDC,Public Health & Care,Customs/Port;fast detection;Amry

Option Apparatus: UPS,Generator,waste water tank and others customized features.

PCR instrucment : We also can provide all PCR instrucment for this lab.

Mobile Lab Vehicle

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