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What is a PCR Shipping container labs The so-called PCR Shipping container labs is designed and laid out in accordance with PCR laboratory standards. All experimental equipment and systems are integrated and fully equipped in the box. Where there is a need, only a flat space is needed to place the box. After completing the hydropower connection, testing can be carried out.

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Partition design of PCR Shipping container labs
Reagent storage and preparation area Specimen preparation area
Materials such as storage reagents and consumables used for specimen preparation should be directly transported to the reagent storage and preparation area, and cannot pass through the amplification detection area. The positive control materials and quality control materials in the kit should not be stored in this area, but should be stored in this area. Specimen processing area. Since contamination by aerosols may occur during sample mixing and nucleic acid purification, positive pressure conditions can be established in this area to avoid aerosol contamination from neighboring areas. To avoid cross-contamination between samples, after adding the nucleic acid to be tested, the reaction tube containing the reaction mixture must be covered. For potentially infectious materials, the lid must be opened in the biological safety cabinet, and there must be clear procedures for sample handling and inactivation.
Amplification area Amplification product analysis area
In order to avoid pollution caused by aerosols, walking in the area should be minimized. It must be noted that all tested reaction tubes must not be opened in this area. Nucleic acid amplification products have various analysis methods, such as probe hybridization methods (radionuclide labeling or non-radioactive nuclide labeling) on membrane or microplate or chip, direct or digested agarose gel electrophoresis, Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, Southern transfer, nucleic acid sequencing methods, mass spectrometry, etc.



Outer container structure

1. The wall is made of 2mm thick reinforced corrugated steel plate, and the floor slab is made of 3mm thick reinforced corrugated steel plate, which is suitable for various terrain transportation conditions;

2. Using 6mm thick high-quality steel support frame, stable and durable;
3. Equipped with lifting clips to meet transportation needs and have the function of stacking boxes;
4. High-strength outer door, good sealing performance, strong and durable, suitable for all-weather use conditions;
5. The surface is treated with rust removal, anti-rust paint, and three-time spraying with fluorine nitrogen paint, making it durable all-weather.


Structure inside the container

1. 50mm thick laboratory special antibacterial purification board partition and ceiling

2. The yin and yang corners in the box are equipped with arc-shaped aluminum profiles for clean rooms
3. The doors and windows are assembled with antibacterial purification boards and tempered glass
4. The ground adopts homogenous transparent core 3mm rubber floor
5. Equipped with LED embedded clean light, energy saving and easy maintenance
6. Equipped with special ultraviolet lamp for laboratory and equipped with delay function
7. Orderly distribution of water supply and drainage lines and electrical lines in the box
8. The tank is equipped with a water supply tank and a drain tank, which can maintain the normal operation of the laboratory in the case of water cut;
9. A generator set can be selected in the cabinet to maintain the normal operation of the laboratory under extreme conditions of power failure



1.Hospital-independent of the building, can greatly reduce the risk of nosocomial infection;

2.Disease control-can be flexibly configured in any place where an epidemic occurs at any time;

3.Ports-rapid deployment, greatly reducing the risk of overseas imports;

4.Third-party inspection-greatly reduce the speed of sample circulation and improve detection accuracy;

5.Strategic reserve-prevent trouble before it happens, greatly reduce the chance of virus outbreak

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