Stainless Steel Lab Table With Drawer

CUSTOMABLE STAINLESS STEEL LAB TABLE WITH DRAWER For biology, medicine, paint laboratories and clean rooms, thorough cleaning and disinfection are the first functions to be considered. It also requires our laboratory furniture to be medically cleaned, disinfected and can be kept clean for a long time, while ordinary Steel and wooden furniture are difficult to meet this cleanliness requirement. On the basis of fully considering the different requirements of experimenters, Guangzhou BOKA Lab system,ltd has developed a series of all-stainless steel furniture to meet customer needs.

Product Details




Product nameStainless steel table with cabinet
Worktop15mm/20mm/25mm Stainless steel
AccessorySink, faucet, socket, gas taps
Handle304 Stainless Steel Handle
Sink304 stainless steel
MOQ1 Set
ApplicationMedical lab /biological lab/Electronics Factory/hospital
PackingWooden case
CertificationISO9001, ISO14001 , CE

Specification size
Central bench reagent stand
Fringe stage

Side table reagent rack

Texture of material304 Stainless steel
High temperature600-1200℃
WeightAccording to the size of the specification
PackingWinding film, protecting foot, tray


Stainless Steel Work Table Details

Description: This product is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel square tube and 304 stainless steel plate, which are processed by welding, polishing, wire drawing, and polishing.

Uses: Laboratory benches, instrument tables, cleaning tables, etc.

Features: The stainless steel workbench is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to weak corrosive media such as air, steam, water, and acid, alkali, salt and other chemical corrosive media. It can make structural components permanently maintain the integrity of engineering design, and is suitable for dust-proof and anti-corrosion working environments such as laboratories.

Stainless steel table material structure: Mainly use stainless steel square tube, stainless steel plate, the foot of the worktable can be adjusted up and down to adapt to uneven ground, the table can be covered with anti-static rubber pad to achieve anti-static effect, thus becoming one of the anti-static stainless steel work station.

Customization:The specifications and dimensions can be customized by customers according to their actual locations. Lockable drawers can be installed.

Optional fitting:In addition to being equipped with lamp stands, daylight lamps, and drawers, the workbench can also be equipped with sockets.

Simple construction: Flexible application, not limited by the shape of the components, the space of the workstation, and the size of the site; and the specifications can be customized by the customer. Drawers are available.


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