Stainless Steel Lab Furniture With Reagent Shelf

stainless steel workbench Because stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, environmental protection, dustproof, anti-static, so it can make the structural components permanently maintain the integrity of the engineering design

Product Details

stainless steel table (3) 副本

Dental lab,clean room,sterile room,chemical lab
L*600mm*850mm or Customized Size
Stainless steel natural color
1.0mm/1.2mm Stainless Steel
1.0mm/1.2mm stainless Steel laminate coated MDF,total thickness is 15mm/20mm/25mm
1.0mm/1.2mm stainless Steel
Door & Drawer
Interchangeable, interlocking drawer head, sound deadened is for quiet operation. One piece drawer body with radiused bottom is
for easy cleaning.
Stainless steel handles
Reagent Rack-optional
Shelves are made of 1.0mm cold-rolled steel coated with epoxy resin powder.layers can be adjustable according to different
1~6 outlets
PP,stainless steel.
Eye wash-optional
Single or double
220V Two Phase,380V Three Phase
Pass box
Laminar flow pass box / clean pass box with uv lamp

stainless steel 副本

stainless steel plate

It adopts stainless steel material structure, mainly adopts stainless steel plate. The bottom of the workbench adopts foot cups to adjust up and down to adapt to uneven ground. The workbench can be covered with anti-static rubber pads to achieve anti-static effect and become an anti-static stainless steel workbench. Some of them can be laid with wooden boards to increase the load-bearing capacity of the frame, and then covered with wooden boards and edging. The front exhaust is used, and the exhaust board is removable as a whole.

stainless steel table (19) 副本

stainless steel cabinet and drawer 

The specifications and dimensions can be customized by customers according to their actual locations, and can be installed with lockable drawers and other quality first. The construction is simple, the application is flexible, and it is not limited by the shape of the components, the space of the workstation, and the size of the site.

application place

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