PCR Mobile Laboratory Container Polymerase Chain Reaction

The mobile PCR shelter laboratory is built according to the standards of the biosafety laboratory. It is based on one or three containers and is equipped with various advanced instruments and equipment to ensure the safety of laboratory personnel.It is characterized by flexibility and rapid response. Equipped mobile laboratory. The laboratory can be used for rapid virus screening, so as to achieve rapid response to epidemic prevention and control, and assist the frontline hospital to carry out the test.

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PCR mobile laboratory

Process layout

1. The PCR is designed as a three-zone laboratory with dedicated corridors and buffer rooms, and two entrances and exits are designed to avoid cross-contamination.

2. The leftmost side of the square cabin is the exhaust fan unit, sewage treatment equipment, and the air-conditioning external machine room, and the right side is the fresh air unit machine room. The two areas are set up to ensure normal operation of the laboratory.

3. There is a sterilization room next to the amplification analysis area to ensure that the dirt is processed in this experimental area before entering the unified medical waste treatment station.

PCR mobile laboratory

High timeliness

When an epidemic occurs, the mobile shelter laboratory can be quickly transported to the place where the epidemic occurred for testing. The control of the epidemic will have better results.

PCR mobile laboratory

Good efficiency

When an outbreak occurs, a large number of PCR laboratories need to be built; after the outbreak, a large number of idle PCR laboratories cause a huge waste. The mobile box PCR laboratory just solved this problem on the premise of meeting the urgent needs, (when (Nearly 100 kilometers) If an epidemic occurs, it can be quickly transported to the place where the epidemic occurred for the inspection personnel to complete the inspection work. It really needs to be idle, and can also be put into use when it is necessary to keep it properly.

PCR mobile laboratory

Reduce the spread

The box PCR laboratory is transported to the place where the epidemic occurs, reducing the flow of patients, thereby reducing the path and time of virus transmission, and the epidemic will also be well controlled.

PCR mobile laboratory

Reduce sample transfer time

In the face of patient samples without testing personnel, no laboratory testable, or due to delivery time and other issues, the initial inspection will be delayed for a day or two, the accuracy of the viral nucleic acid is significantly different, the error will be relatively large. If the detection time can be shortened, the accuracy will be greatly improved, the detection time of the pathogen will be shortened, and the distance of the virus circulation will be shortened, which will have a fundamental effect on the control of the epidemic.


The advantages of assembly-type nucleic acid test PCR laboratory construction

When the cabinet is not perfect for the environment, the following equipment can be selected to deal with various environments.

PCR wastewater treatment integrated machine

1. Purpose after treatment: Waste water is discharged to municipal pipe network after treatment.
2. Treated water volume: >=0.2T/D
3. Equipment power supply: 220V
4. Operation mode: continuous operation, unattended
5. Control mode: fully automatic control
6. Process requirements: heterogeneous catalysis + oxidation
Sewage collection tank

1. Customized stainless steel pool: floor-mounted, ceiling-mounted, fully welded and durable, reserved interface.
2. There are no gaps in the finished PP reinforced sump, which is formed by rotomolding once, with good sealing performance and reserved interface

asoline generator mobile electric start, generator 380V three-phase 20KW all copper motor, high reliability, strong compatibility, excellent load carrying capacity.

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