Class II B2 Biological Safety Cabinet Biosafety Cabinet

Working principle of class II B2 biological safety cabinet biosafety cabinet The working principle of the biological safety cabinet is mainly to draw the air in the cabinet outward to keep the negative pressure in the cabinet and protect the workers by vertical airflow; the outside air is filtered by a high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) Filter) into the safety cabinet to avoid contamination of the processed samples; the air in the cabinet also needs to be filtered through the HEPA filter before being discharged into the atmosphere to protect the environment.

Product Details

8.14.3B2 II safety (2)

Humanized structure

High-brightness LCD display, display all operating status.

Selection of excellent fans, completed strict air tightness testing.

8.14.3B2 II safety (1)

Alarm system

Safe interlock protection design: interlock protection is set for misoperation, even if misoperation, it will not cause harm.

The cabinet and the bracket can be separated, and the height of the bracket can be customized and modified according to the actual situation.

8.14.3B2 II safety (3)

Safe and reliable performance guarantee

The remote control reduces the direct contact between the user and the safety cabinet, and can protect the user more. It has an appointment timing function, can automatically disinfect and switch the machine automatically, and improve work efficiency.

class II b2

External dimensions (L×D×H)1100mm×750mm×2250mm
Internal dimensions (L×D×H)940mm ×600mm×660mm
Height of table top to ground750mm (size can be customized and modified according to requirements)
Wind speedAverage descending wind speed: 0.33±0.025m/s; average suction inlet wind speed: 0.53±0.025m/s
Total system exhaust1050 m3/h
Rated power1300W (including 500W of socket load in operation area)
Noise level≤65dB (A)

Filtration efficiency
The supply air and exhaust air filters are all HEPA (ULPA) high efficiency filters made of world-renowned borosilicate glass fiber
material, and the filtration efficiency for 0.3μm (0.12) particles is ≥99.999% (99.9995%)
Product standardClass II biological safety cabinet
WeightGross weight 243KG Net weight 227KG External exhaust fan gross weight 58KG External exhaust fan net weight 53KG
Number of users1 person

B2 safety cabinet

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