45 Gallons flammable chemical storage safety cabinet

Yellow-flammble liquid fire safety cabinet Red-combustible liqued fire safety cabinet Blue-acid proof safety cabinet Green pesticide,pesticide and other safety cabinet

Product Details


Product function

1 Separate all kinds of hazardous chemicals in an organized and methodical manner.

2. Store solvents nearby to improve your work efficiency

3. Improve the convenience of using chemicals nearby in the work area.

4. The door lock system and fire-proof and explosion-proof ventilation holes help to improve fire safety.

5 Safely store hazardous chemicals, reduce the occurrence of fire accidents, and protect personal and equipment safety.

6 Improve the identification, storage order, and adaptability of storage methods (isolated, separated or separated storage) of dangerous goods.

Product number
45gallonsDoor type
Single/double manual
170LThe number of standard shelves
Inner dimension
The number of buckles on the shelf
External dimensions

The distance from the first section buckle to the top of the cabinet
145kgThe distance from the test entrance to the bottom of the cabinet in the last section
Yellow, red, blue
Buckle spacing

product specificatio

1. The high-performance safety cabinet has passed the EU CE certification and reached the OSHA standard (U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

2. It meets the requirements of NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Article 30 and is used to regulate the storage of flammable and explosive liquids and hazardous chemicals

3. The whole fire safety cabinet is constructed with double-layer fire-proof steel plates, the space between the two-layer steel plates is 40mm, and it is filled with special fire-proof materials, which makes the fire-proof performance more excellent.

4. Use high-quality cold-rolled steel plate to increase strength and better fire resistance.

5. The 50mm high leak-proof tank at the bottom of the cabinet can prevent the spill of chemical liquids as much as possible.

6. Unique galvanized laminate, anti-corrosion, anti-liquid leakage, and can support steel safety tanks up to 400LBS.

7. The cabinet is sprayed with long-lasting, lead-free epoxy resin paint inside and outside to maximize the resistance to chemicals

8. Marked with high visibility warning signs

9. Two vents with fire protection devices are located on both sides of the cabinet.

10. A number of adjustable bolts can be installed according to the actual flatness of the ground.

11. Anti-static grounding clamp: One end is connected to the cabinet (the grounding plate on the lower right side of the cabinet) and the other is a grounding pile to effectively prevent electrostatic interference.

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