Popular High Quality Yellow Flammable Storage Metal Cabinet In Laboratory Safety Insurance

Metal modular lab furniture manufacturers with epoxy resin tops and sinks ,used in university ,college ,schools ,research institutes ,R&D center , government quality supervision and inspection department, hospital, food industry, water works, microbiology industry, materials science and engineering,cosmetic industry, chemical and physical technology department, environmental department, inspection and quarantine department, quality control processing, cosmetic industry, hospital, petrochemical engineering, pharmacy industry, gene development and research, agriculture industry and others industries.

Product Details

Popular High Quality Yellow Flammable Storage Metal Cabinet in Laboratory Safety Insurance


  Type:Laboratory Furniture   General Use:Commercial Furniture

  Brand Name:BOKA             Standard:OSHA

  Color:Yellow                Capacity:60 Gals


  a Store flammable and explosive chemicals

  b Store dangerous drugs


  a Made entirely of steel and sturdy and durable

  b Insulated antistatic paint inside and outside, good safety performance

  c Compact design, small footprint and large storage space

4.Terms of trade:EXW / FOB / CIF


  Q1:Where is your company?

  A1:Guangzhou Guangdong China(Mainland)

  Q2:How is the production capacity of your company?

  A2:This needs to determine the production time based on the quantity you order.

  Q3:How long will it take to ship after ordering?

  A3:Generally, after you place your order, arrange the delivery plan according to your needs within two natural days. After you complete the order, you will confirm it with you and then ship it,usually 25-40 days.

  Q4:If I still need other products but your company does not, can you provide customized?

  A4:Of course, we will consider this, depending on the details of your needs.

  Q5:What should I do if we are damaged by non-human reasons after receiving the goods?

  A5:You can rest assured that this situation will not occur, our products will undergo multiple     quality inspections. If they do, we will send professionals to test and negotiate.

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