Intelligent Atomization Disinfection Robot Spray Disinfection Machine

The atomization disinfection robot achieves effective air purification by quickly atomizing the disinfection liquid and
automatically spraying the disinfection area. It uses 100mg/L of hypochlorous acid water disinfection liquid and sprays
the space continuously and evenly according to the amount of 5ml/m³, that is, Can be disinfected.

Product Details

Physical dimension
Diameter 500mm height 1335mm
Body weight
50kg (without disinfectant)
Spray volume
Maximum 3000 ml/h (adjustable)
Spray rate
Water tank volume
Fog diameter
Applicable medium
sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, peroxyacetic acid, etc.
Misting method
Four-way fogging, large opening fogging (optional)
Adding method
Open the lid and add liquid
Movement mode
Autonomously plan paths, automatic navigation
Moving speed
0~0.6 m/s
Drive mode
Differential drive
Obstacle crossing ability
±10 mm
Climbing ability
Driving channel width
≥700 mm

The robot can autonomously navigate, autonomously avoid obstacles to reach the disinfection area for full coverage disinfection, and at the same time support mobile phone APP control to achieve human-machine separation, reduce personnel contact, and greatly improve the safety of use. And the deployment is simple, based on maintenance management.


Compatible and adaptablesupport the use of a variety of conventional disinfectants, suitable for different scenarios
Large capacity16L disinfection liquid tank, disinfection coverage area up to 20000㎡
Precise killing360 degrees without dead angle, maximum spray volume 3000ml/h, sterilization rate >99.9%, atomized particles less than 10 microns
Long battery life 6 hours of battery life without repeated charging
Simple and easy to useAPP operation, simple use, man-machine separation, reduce personnel contact, support regular disinfection and instant disinfection
Automatic navigationdefine the path independently, and automatically cover the area to be disinfected
Automatic charging Low power will automatically return to the charging pile, telling others to assist in charging trouble
Safety protectionLidar autonomous obstacle avoidance, water shortage and power protection

More applications

Different disinfectants should be replaced to meet the needs of high frequency disinfection. The spray disinfection robot is used in many scenes such as medical institutions, airports, train stations, subways, office buildings, banks, shopping malls, hotels, schools, workshops, etc.

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