Vaccine Fridge For Medicine Storage 2~8℃ 315L

Vertical small-volume medicine refrigerator, with two choices of glass door and foam door

Product Details
Technical parameter

Air duct design: circulating air-cooled back-blowing technology to avoid poor ventilation or uneven temperature due to obstruction of stored items.

Refrigeration system: high-efficiency refrigeration system design, through forced air cooling circulation system to achieve a more uniform temperature distribution, while ensuring smaller temperature changes, so as to achieve stable sample storage temperature; finned evaporator with a unique circulating air cooling back Blowing technology design ensures no frost in the box.

Temperature control: Microcomputer control system, LED digital display temperature data, can ensure accurate and stable operation; precise electronic temperature control and display, with an accuracy of 0.1℃.

Net weight92.5kg
Rated power216W
Power consumption2.56kW.h/24h.
Noise level46dB
Climate typeSN/N
Cooling methodAir cooling
Temperature range 2℃~8℃
Working conditionsAmbient temperature 10~32℃, power supply 220V/50Hz.
External dimensions (width * depth * height)640 * 582 * 1880 (mm)
Internal dimensions (width * depth * height)

540 * 425 * 1380 (mm)

External materialsprayed steel plate
Internal materialsprayed steel plate
Number of doors1 piece
Insulation layerCFC-free high-density polyurethane foam.
Door structuredouble-layer hollow tempered glass door, filled with inert gas in the middle; electrified heating film to prevent surface condensation, better display effect.
Bottom feet4 leveling feet
Grid6 layers, adjustable height, with identification strips; high-density steel wire dipped plastic racks (spacing less than 1 cm to prevent items from falling), with storage baskets at the bottom (6 racks + 1 basket in the box basket).
BasketThe bottom of the box is equipped with a plastic dipping basket as standard, which is convenient for storing medicines separately.
Door lockThe door body is double-locked up and down, and an external padlock can be added.
Condensersteel wire condenser
Casters4 casters, 2 of which are universal wheels with lock stop design, users can move the box as needed.
Test hole1, convenient to install the temperature and humidity recorder.
Fan typeShaded pole fan is used
Evaporatorfin type evaporator
Refrigerantadopt green non-fluorine refrigerant
CompressorThe number of internationally renowned brand compressors is 1.
Optional accessoriestemperature and humidity recorder, waterproof socket, etc.
Product  description

Vaccine Fridge for Medicine Storage (2)

Display mode: LED digital display, which can display the temperature and alarm information in the box.

Alarm system: high and low temperature alarm, door open alarm, temperature controller failure alarm, power failure alarm.

Alarm mode: dual alarm modes with sound buzzer and light flashing.

Vaccine Fridge for Medicine Storage (1)


(1) A concealed lock design is standard to prevent abnormal opening and closing of the door;

(2) LED cold light source lighting is installed inside, so that the inside of the cabinet can be seen clearly;

Vaccine Fridge for Medicine Storage (1)

Special function:

(1) Two concealed lock designs on the door body, and an external padlock can be added;

(2) The door body has an automatic rebound function;

(3) Built-in LED cold light source lighting, so that the inside of the cabinet can be seen clearly;

(4) Adjustable plastic dipping grid design;

(5) 1 test hole is standard, which is convenient for users to choose temperature and humidity recorder;

(6) Design of self-evaporation of condensate water;

(7) Standard USB interface to export data;

(8) Standard RS232 interface, remote alarm terminal.

Product Certifications

Qualification certifications:

(1) Medical device production license;

(2) Medical device registration certificate;

(3) ISO9001 quality management system certification;

(4) ISO13485 medical device quality management system certification; (5) ISO14001 environmental management system certification;

(6) OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification.

Application scope

Application areas: scientific research institutes, electronics industry, chemical industry, hospitals, health and epidemic prevention systems, funny laboratories, military enterprises, etc.

Upright Medical Cryogenic Freezer

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