Blood Bank Refrigerator 25 ℃ 278W

The main body of the refrigerator is made of high-quality sprayed steel plate, and the inner wall material is made of 304 stainless steel, which is durable, safe and reliable.

Product Details
Technical parameter

Refrigerating system

1.Using high-quality compressor, quiet and stable

2.Self-researched funny mixed refrigerant, non-fluorine environmental protection;

3.High-density polyurethane foam layer, excellent thermal insulation performance

4.Adopting self-developed refrigeration system design, fast cooling speed, energy saving and electricity saving.

Blood Bank Refrigerator (2)

Net weight105kg
Rated power180W
Power consumption1.7kW.h / 24h
Noise level46dB
Climate typeSN/N
Cooling methodDirect cooling
Temperature range-10℃~-25℃.
Working conditionsAmbient temperature 10~32℃, power supply 220V / 50Hz.
RefrigerantHydrocarbon refrigerant; green and fluorine-free, energy saving and environmental protection.
External dimensions (width * depth * height)659 * 600 * 1694 (mm)
Internal dimensions (width * depth * height)480 * 415 * 1460 (mm)
External materialSprayed steel plate
Internal material304 stainless steel
Insulation layerCFC-free high-density polyurethane foam
Frige insulation layerCFC-free high-density polyurethane foam door.
Test hole1, 25mm in diameter, convenient for users to choose a temperature recorder
Outer door1 piece
Inner doors5 pieces
drawerThe number is 7 and the material is PS
Casters4; 2 of them are universal casters with lock stop design, users can move the box according to their needs.
CompressorImported brand compressor, the quantity is 1
Display modeLED digital display, which can display the temperature in the box and various alarm information
Alarm modeThere are sound buzzer and light flashing alarm mode
Wide voltage range187V~242V
Optional accessoriesTemperature recorder
Product  description

Blood Bank Refrigerator (3)

Special function:

(1) 1 detection hole is standard, which is convenient for matching temperature recorder;

(2) Two door padlocks are equipped as standard to ensure storage safety;

(3) LED digital display, convenient to observe the real-time temperature data in the refrigerator;

(4) Double-layer door seal design to lock the air-conditioning and strengthen the heat preservation effect;

(5) Two universal casters with brake design are convenient for users to use.

Blood Bank Refrigerator (5)

Electrical safety:

(1) The backup battery ensures an alarm for 8 hours after power failure;

(2) Fail safe operation mode of thermostat measuring point;

(3) Standard remote alarm interface;

(4) Controller keyboard lock and password protection function to prevent random adjustment of operating parameters;

(5) Power failure protection: When the power supply is restored, the simultaneous activation of all equipment will cause a greater impact on the grid, which may cause the circuit breaker to trip. The equipment delay start function specially designed for this situation can delay the start of the equipment for several minutes during the recovery period, so that the laboratory can re-run smoothly;

(6) Wide voltage band is applicable and can be used normally in the range of 187V~242V.

Blood Bank Refrigerator (1)


(1) 1 concealed lock design is standard, with simple and generous appearance;

(2) Use embedded door handle design to facilitate the opening of the door;

(3) Test holes are standard, which is convenient for optional temperature recorder.

Product Certifications

Qualification certifications:

(1) Medical device production license;

(2) Medical device registration certificate;

(3) ISO9001 quality management system certification;

(4) ISO13485 medical device quality management system certification; (5) ISO14001 environmental management system certification;

(6) OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification.

Application scope

Application areas: scientific research institutes, electronics industry, chemical industry, hospitals, health and epidemic prevention systems, funny laboratories, military enterprises, etc.

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