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Acceptance Of Laboratory Gas Supply Circuit For Laboratory Decoration

Mar 12, 2019

In addition to electrical circuits, water supply and drainage systems, ventilation systems, laboratory renovations, there is one of the most important systems in the laboratory – the gas supply system. The gas supply system determines whether the laboratory can operate safely and stably. All the inspections of the laboratory gas supply circuit are necessary when the laboratory is finished.

In general, the centralized gas supply in the laboratory places the gas cylinders in different gas cylinder rooms according to the flammable and non-combustible characteristics, and then the gas is transported through the pipeline system to the laboratory, and can be reduced by the use point installed on the experimental bench. The pressure regulator conveniently adjusts pressure and flow.

How to accept the laboratory gas supply circuit:

1. Check the gas supply point of the gas supply circuit should be consistent with the laboratory design requirements.

2. Check that the casing of the gas supply circuit is not missing, and the gas type identification when passing through each wall is correct.

3. Check the gas pipeline, pressure reducing valve, needle valve, pressure gauge path, installation position and specifications and models should be consistent with the design.

4. If the pipeline is pressed with inert gas, there should be no leakage and the pressure should be normal.

5. Check that the gas automatic switching system should be able to operate reliably.

6. Check the gas probe selection and installation position should be correct, the gas leakage alarm system should work normally.

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