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Advantages Of The Laboratory Centralized Gas Supply System

Oct 12, 2018

1. Effectively manage laboratory hazardous materials to meet laboratory safety requirements

2. Convenient for various safety inspections and laboratory evaluation upgrades

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3. Guarantee the safety of operation engineers and improve the safety of employees

4. Improve the company's overall aesthetics and scalability

5. Make full use of valuable and limited laboratory space

6. The use of gas will also have great savings; higher cost performance

7. Do not need to carry it frequently to improve cross-safety risks in the workplace

8. Easy management; science

9. Gas quality continues to be stable, high purity and pressure flow guarantee

10.7S significantly improved

11. Waste safety emissions

System materials and equipment supply:

Prepare system materials according to actual demand and contract list, clean indoor prefabricated semi-finished products, prepare and install on site, purge, and conduct piping and construction according to site conditions. Detection, evaluation and verification, leak detection, pressure test, and finally verify system startup and debugging.

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