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All Steel Fume Hood Is To Ensure The Normal Conditions Of The Test Carried Out

Sep 21, 2017

All steel Fume Hood is to ensure the normal conditions of the test carried out
All the steel Fume Hood of the shell is the choice of metal raw materials or other materials, the table is made of stainless steel with anti-acid, heat, flame retardant personality.At the same time, the whole steel Fume Hood to adopt the mysterious exhaust It is possible to meet the needs of the science and the industrialization process of the bustling, scientific experiments must be reduced, the boundaries of the laboratory repair has been swept by the number of years Carried out in the laboratory through the test, accompanied by the detection of harmful substances such as gas, steam, dust and suspended particles, such as the show off, the strength of the test staff into an emergency damage.
All the steel Fume Hood is a serious safety development in the laboratory furniture, can focus on the fume machine dull machine equipment disturbance, chemical reaction or hot heat, and indoor horizontal airflow intervention and other causes of harmful substances escape. Gas density and air density of different sizes, all the steel Fume Hood a lot of names, the main forms include: the upper exhaust Fume Hood, the lower exhaust Fume Hood, up and down the exhaust ventilation cabinet. At the same time, another energy-saving Of the steel Fume Hood.
In order to control the spill of the harmful substances and to ensure that the usual correction, must control the wind speed. Cabinet surface wind speed selection principle is: it is necessary to make the harmful gas from the cabinet to escape, but also to prevent the steel Ventilation cabinet turbulence.
Not only that, the upper part of the steel Fume Hood is also built with ventilation holes, even if the glass window cover can be added to the air, to avoid greater negative pressure.With the height of the steel fuselage table in line with the human body, not only easy Manipulation, not to mention the use of space is also large, at a certain level of promotion of the safety, all-steel Fume Hood is the laboratory necessary safety equipment. Full steel exhaust cabinet full extension of all with nano-silver antibacterial coating, Effective control of the surface of the bacterial breeding and cross-infection.Wall steel fume cabinet structure is not the traditional welding structure, but one molded from the suppression, more flat cabinet device more flexible, more durable. Galvanized steel plate action cabinet material, the surface of the powder paint in charge, than the ordinary plating steel plate is more resistant to corrosion.
Therefore, we use the full steel Fume Hood with the following points also need to pay attention to the beginning of the test, the steel Fume Hood to be in the business situation, to carry out the test operation; at the end of the test should run at least 5 minutes to close Ventilator, thus eliminating the residual gas in the pipeline. Modern scientific instruments, intact all-steel Fume Hood is to ensure that the test is normal to hold favorable conditions.
All the steel Fume Hood is the implementation of the furniture will be reduced into a small in the laboratory to play the exhaust and ventilation into effect.Experimental operation into a variety of non-gas, odor, moisture and flammable, Explosive, corrosive substances, in order to build the stability of the manipulator, defensive experiments in the turbidity of the material scattered to the laboratory, similar to the use of pollution in the whole steel Fume Hood, the previous use of stainless steel cabiners less, only extremely harmful Vicious gas and the use of the end of the experiment. All steel Fume Hood only served as the experimental bench to help the results.
In recent years, in order to improve the experimental situation, in the experimental bench to move the experiment slowly moved to the Fume Hood, which pleads in the steel Fume Hood to have the most suitable for the establishment of the use of the function of most of the new laboratory are The need for air conditioning, so the equipment in the start of the stage will be the use of all-steel Fume Hood into the air conditioning system to discuss the discussion because the steel fume hammer recycling laboratory occupies a very serious identity, from improving the laboratory environment, Improve the health of doing things to improve the consequences of officers and other aspects of consideration, the use of steel fume racks increased the number of Pentium.