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All-steel Type Of Fume Hood Will Not Rust?

Feb 17, 2017

Many customer inquiries will rust if asked whether the all-steel fume hood, a small series of reading with everyone below. All-steel fume hoods with cold-rolled steel sheet that is the common sense of iron, steel or iron's main ingredient is iron and carbon, as the name suggests will rust, iron and oxygen easily form iron oxide or ferric oxide, iron oxide, etc.

Consumers have noticed, and some manufacturers say that hood no rust, acid and alkali is absolutely no problem in the experimental environment, that were left without you! So to speak, surface temperature and electrostatic spraying powder only to a certain degree of protection, but for a long time or are acid-alkali evaporation serious environmental or indoor humidity will affect the life of the fume hood! Instead of cheating customers, rather than teach clients how to maintain fume hoods, Hangzhou boyang experimental equipment Co Ltd recommends that customers, acid and alkali experiments or PP stainless steel fume hoods are recommended, in order to prevent rust where oxidation!

Wants consumers to buy the product, don't blindly go cheap, cheap is not good in the real sense, and buying products they must choose size, reputation points, visibility good laboratory furniture company, so that product quality can be guaranteed!