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Arrangement Of The Fume Hood And Exhaust System

Feb 17, 2017

(1) in the laboratory fume hoods shall normally be set by the least possible disruption of the place, away from open Windows and doors and between the channel and inlet.

(2) the fume hood exhaust systems used mechanical ventilation, natural ventilation is vulnerable to outside influence of climate factors, generally should not be used.

(3) cabinet can be set individually with an exhaust ventilation system or more than the number of Central exhaust system. When using Central ventilation systems, each system with fume hood should not be more than 3~4. System at the same time, according to the different nature of the hazardous substances should be set separately. Highly corrosive gas and general corrosion of gas exhaust should be separated.

(4) the exhaust air outlet of the hood, whether individual or system with an exhaust or centralized ventilation shall be fitted with a closed valve to prevent air intrusion and collusion.

(5) the fume hood, fan and exhaust duct should be selected anti-corrosion function and explosion-proof performance of materials and equipment.