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Atomic Absorption Chamber Design Points

Aug 08, 2018

Basic conditions: The ground of the atomic absorption chamber is generally terrazzo floor and floor. The operating platform is 0.75 meters high and 0.80 meters wide. The table top is 0.5 meters away from the wall. The atomic absorption chamber should not be placed in the same room as liquid chromatography or gas chromatography.

The atomic absorption chamber should be equipped with a sample processing room, and the sample processing room should have a fume hood, water supply, and medicine cabinet.


Circuit: single-phase three-wire (fire, zero, ground), the atomic absorption chamber of the instrument is three-phase five-wire.

Gas path: Generally, three kinds of gas pipelines are set up, nitrogen, acetylene gas, air, gas are routed into the indoor cylinder to enter the room, and after entering the indoor, the total pipeline is distributed to each chromatograph through a pressure regulating valve, and each chromatograph is connected. Front needle valve, gas-assisted air compression pump.

Ventilation: Atomic absorption uses flammable gas. The combustion process releases a large amount of carbon dioxide. Therefore, there must be good ventilation. One is to install an exhaust hood, a matching duct and a roof fan above the instrument. The second is to set a 400*400mm louver vent at a distance of 200mm from the ground below the corridor wall.

Room temperature: The temperature of the atomic absorption chamber is generally required to be 22°-27°C. The large laboratory is equipped with an overall air conditioner, and the air outlet is located at the upper part of the room.

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