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Biology Laboratory Planning, High-tech Laboratory Equipment

Jun 14, 2018

Biological laboratory planning and design, VOLAB specialized in the overall planning of the laboratory, design, production, installation and after-sales service in one of the experimental equipment company, the company introduced Europe and the United States advanced production technology and equipment, combined with the needs of modern laboratories, developed a A series of high-tech laboratory equipment synchronized with the world.


I. Microbiology laboratory planning and design


The microbiology laboratory consists of a preparation room, a washing room, a sterilization room, a sterile room, a constant temperature cultivation room, and an ordinary laboratory. The common feature of these rooms is the smooth and hard texture of the floors and walls, and the simple arrangement of instruments and equipment for cleaning.

Second, the basic requirements of microbiological laboratory planning


(a) preparation room

Preparation room for the preparation of culture media and sample processing. The interior is equipped with reagent cabinets, counters for storing appliances or materials, test benches, electric stoves, refrigerators and water channels, and power supplies.

(b) Washroom


Washrooms are used for scrubbing utensils. Since used vessels have been contaminated by microorganisms, there are sometimes pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, it is better to set the washroom if conditions permit. Indoors there should be heaters, steamers, basins for washing dishes, barrels, etc. There should also be various bottle brushes, decontamination powders, soaps, detergents, etc.

(III) Sterilization Room


The sterilization chamber is mainly used for sterilizing the culture medium and classifying bacteria that can kill pathogenic microorganisms in various appliances. Indoors, sterilization equipment and facilities such as high-pressure steam sterilizers and ovens should be provided.


(D) Clean Room


The sterile room, also known as the inoculation room, is a specialized laboratory for aseptic operations such as system inoculation and purified strains. In microbiological matters, inoculation and transplanting of strains is a major operation. The feature of this operation is to ensure that pure strains of strains are protected against the contamination of germs. In the air of the general environment, due to the presence of a lot of dust and germs, it is easy to cause pollution, and it interferes with inoculation.


In the biological laboratory planning, VOLAB laboratory aims at different customer groups. The laboratory planning style highlights the simplicity, humanity, and functionality, and can meet the requirements of different environments in the laboratory! VOLAB's laboratory planning advantages: 1, rational use of laboratory space 2, to fully meet customer requirements for laboratory use; 3, to meet humanity, security, predictability and multi-purpose requirements.

Not only that, VOLAB company has a number of senior engineers, engineers, senior technicians composed of professional and technical team, a group of highly skilled, strong construction team. We have accumulated rich experience in long-term design and construction, and have the ability to undertake purification projects and central air-conditioning projects that meet national standards and norms, and can fully guarantee the quality of each project, meet the needs of users, and provide users with high-quality service.