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Biosafety Cabinet Placement Is Also Required

Jul 24, 2018

When we are decorating or placing indoor furniture, we will pay attention to feng shui or what, so the same laboratory furniture placement also has certain requirements. Today, BOKA Xiaobian will explain to you what are the requirements for the placement of this biosafety cabinet:

air flow bench-04.jpg

1. Smooth and slow moving requirements: This is a requirement to ensure that the normal operation of the wind road is not affected.

2. Anti-vibration requirements: If the vibration generated during the movement will cause the attached particles on the filter to fall, causing pollution to the instruments or articles in the cabinet, the operation will cause the pollution to overflow, which is very dangerous.

3, the requirements of the placement level: a horizontal placement of the cabinet to ensure the performance of the biological safety cabinet is a factor, but also to ensure that there is no cross-contamination between the placed items.

4. Different moving criteria in the cabinet: When the demand for two or more items in the cabinet moves, the guidelines for moving low-pollution items to highly polluting items must be followed to prevent the items with high pollution from happening during the movement. Large area pollution inside.

5, open fire use guidelines: try not to use open flames in the cabinet! Because the fine particles impurities that occur during the use of open flame will be brought into the filter area, these high temperature impurities will damage the filter. When it is impossible to prevent the use of certain requirements, it is advisable to use a Bunsen burner with a low flame.