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Biosafety Cabinet Price Concessions And Purification Principles

Oct 12, 2017

Biosafety Cabinets used in the filter must have sufficient filtration efficiency, otherwise it will not play the role of protection of biological hazards. In addition, safety cabinet manufacturers should test the filters to ensure that they are not leaked after installation. Because the filter is very fragile material (even landing or slight collision will be damaged), so in the transport and handling process to ensure that the filter equipment is not damaged is very important. For the same reason, the filter should be field tested at the laboratory where the Biosafety Cabinet is located.
The Biosafety Cabinet is designed to protect the operator himself, the laboratory environment, and the experimental material to avoid contact with potentially contagious aerosols and splashes when operating contaminating test materials such as primitive cultures, strains and diagnostic specimens Out of things.
Biosafety Cabinet price concessions and purification principles:
Biosafety Cabinet It is a protective personnel, products and the environment of the negative pressure filter fume hood, inward air flow to the front of the staff to play a protective role, vertical down hepa (ulpa) filter layer of air can protect the product, pollution Of the air through the hepa (ulpa) filter can protect the environment after filtration. It is used for microbiological experiments involving microvolatile toxic chemicals and trace amounts of radionuclides as adjuncts, and a suitable exhaust hood must be connected. Biosafety Cabinet price
Functional description of Biosafety Cabinet:
1, the domestic initiative, the use of high micro-differential pressure wind speed sensor, frequency control technology, high-precision automatic regulation of air flow rate, the scientific extension of the filter life
2, the cumulative run time records, timely grasp of the filter life and fan maintenance cycle ☆ perfect alarm protection system, voice, photoelectric tips
3, the keyboard lock function, to prevent misuse to bring you unnecessary losses ☆ friendly man-machine interface: full Chinese prompt, the whole parameter at the same time display
4, using ULPA Filter technology, 0.1-0.2um dust particles filter efficiency of 99.9995% or more.
5, high-quality fan system: the use of three-phase AC asynchronous motor, running more stable, lower noise, less power consumption, lower maintenance costs
6, four double-sided structure, to ensure that the operation area of the four negative pressure
7, simple and maintainability: liner, water tray are used 304 # stainless steel, a liner molding, R15 arc treatment
8, sitting can observe the pressure gauge, sitting height adjustable safety door height, sitting can control the cabinet power and other unique technology
9, UV lamp chain design, protection of experimental and experimental sample safety
10, automatic positioning electric lift front window, foot and manual switch free control, easy operation and easy. Biosafety Cabinet price
In view of the dangerous use of Biosafety Cabinet environment, at the time of installation and after a certain time, by the National Air Conditioning Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of professionals in accordance with the provisions of the performance of each Biosafety Cabinet performance testing to check Whether it meets national and international performance standards to ensure the safety of users. Biosafety Cabinet testing, including physical testing and biological detection of two aspects, according to the nature of detection can be divided into the first detection, follow-up testing. In addition to the annual routine inspection of Biosafety Cabinets, one of the following conditions, such as after installation, after the move, after repair, replace the filter, it must be on-site Biosafety Cabinet inspection.