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Boka All Steel Central Station Structure Introduction

Nov 07, 2018

Features: The door and drawer panel of the all-steel central platform are made of double-layer steel plate. There are no solder joints at the joints, the surface is smooth and smooth, and the honeycomb panels are filled to increase the strength, reduce noise and improve quality.

The all-steel central station is generally used for placing instruments and experimenters for experimental operations, providing convenient basic experimental requirements.

Size: customized according to customer requirements

Delivery period: 1-2 weeks

steel lab furniture-03

Product Details:

The all-steel central table and drawer plate are made of 1.0mm thick cold-rolled steel plate. After CNC punching, CNC bending and pickling phosphating, the surface layer is processed by Akzo Nobel epoxy resin powder coating and other processes. , anti-corrosion.

The door and drawer panel are made of double-layer steel plate. There is no solder joint at the joint, the surface is smooth and smooth, and the honeycomb plate is filled to increase the strength, reduce the noise and improve the quality.

Each box tailgate can be disassembled for easy maintenance, and the height of the foot can be adjusted in the box body. Four adjustable ports are provided at the bottom plate, and a cover is provided. The screws at the hinge joint of the cabinet door cannot be exposed, and an anti-corrosion nylon cap is required.

The front side of all the base cabinets of the all-steel central platform should be designed as a flat-fit embedded structure. For example, the end panels (such as door panels and drawers), the upper/side/bottom cabinet frame and the vertical pillars must not protrude in the same horizontal plane to avoid hooks. In the case of accidental robes, etc., the surface joints of all sheet metal shall be smooth and flat, and the welded joints shall be smoothed to maintain a continuous smooth surface;

In addition to the concave part of the front side, the skirting board should be integrally formed with the steel plate of the cabinet, and must not be welded by small materials to ensure the overall bearing capacity;

All double-door type cabinets have no central vertical pillars between the two doors. There are layered pillars on the front and rear sides of the two sides of the base cabinet. There are partition adjustment holes on the pillars. The width of the deck is equivalent to the width of the bottom cabinet. There should be no gaps of more than 3mm on both sides. Door base cabinet, double door base cabinet and single door base cabinet, etc., the cabinet can store instruments, equipment, etc., and small consumables, tools, miscellaneous items can be placed in the drawer

The above is the introduction details of the all-steel central station brought by BOKA. I hope to be helpful.

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