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BOKA Brief Introduction

Jan 05, 2018

Guangzhou BOKA Lab System Tech CO.,Ltd specializes in laboratory furniture, laboratory ventilation systems, laboratory systems engineering, laboratory clean equipment,with best service, superior quality,with full set of high-tech production equipment and technology! 

We study the advanced technologies and concepts from the developed countries in Europe and the United States and constantly reform and innovate. Has been always committed to the laboratory system engineering research and development and construction. with domestic and foreign technology continues to improve and standardize, and long-term contacts with different customers in the practice we found a standardized laboratory construction, in fact, it involves not only the functional layout of the laboratory, the rational layout of the laboratory furniture, the safety of water, electricity and gas, energy saving and practical laying, the safety and environmental protection of the ventilation system but also involves  the Safety of lab operators.

Guangzhou BOKA from the design, construction, production, installation and after-sales service are strictly follow the management system, according to different industries different function,we designed different styles of laboratory building programs in the production based on 5 S management system, ISO9001, ISO14001: 2004 Environmental Management System strict quality control to ensure that each product is manufactured at the factory is high quality; in the installation site  strict accordance with the design drawings for construction and assembly, and strive to do our best; company has a perfect after-sales service management system to Create a large number of high-quality projects, praised by many customers.

We specialized in the laboratory design, laboratory systems engineering, laboratory furniture, equipment, supplies, renovation and construction integration, perfect to create safety, environmental protection, innovation, leading international laboratory overall solution!

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